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MAFX019 Volcano is a collection of unique sounds recorded in Ethiopiaโ€™s Afar region at Erta Ale volcano. Erta Ale is one of only a handful of volcanoes with lava lakes in the world, situated in the Danakil Depression, one of the hottest and most inhospitable places in the world. The name means Smoking Mountain in the local Afarigna language and Erta Ale does not disappoint in this regard, as you can see in the video. This place is also known as the Gateway to Hell, an appropriate moniker given the 47C/117F temperatures and lots of dead fauna we encountered.

Volcano sound effects library - mesmerizing soundscapes from Erta Ale caldera in Ethiopia

There were only a few lava pits when the library was recorded but plenty of continuous and violent toxic gas releases. Occasionally the ground would move creating low frequency rumbles and debris falling. I had to use a long boompole in order to suspend my trusty MKH8060 over the edge and I improvised a spaced omni array by taping the MikroUsi mics to a video tripod ballhead. The expedition wasn’t 100% risk-free but it was more than worth it for these beautiful sounds.

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Type: Volcano sound effects / recordings
Specs: 13+ sounds • 13 files • 3.15 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 116 minutes total
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4 reviews

  1. gregstuarthooper

    Has to be one of the most challenging recording locations! The sounds lend themselves to EQing and (multiband) FX – for example adding distortions of varying types to the low end can get truly aggressive and intense in a terrifying kind of way :) Yet I have also been enjoying them as a background environmental sound around the house. Not bad!

  2. florian.ardelean

    The primordial sounds captured by George Vlad in this library are a treasure trove of high quality otherworldly atmospheric ambiances which evoke powerful, raw emotions you’d be hard pressed to find in any other commercially available library. The applications are numerous, from the obvious barren twisted landscape of otherworldly planets, to the depths of hell, to starship bellows or chemical labs of evil masterminds, to subtle layering in otherwise common scenarios or for use in spellcraft or magic sound effects, these sounds will add an unique quality. The risks and costs of such an expedition cannot be understated and I’m very much grateful this library exists!

  3. Tibo Csuko

    I think Florian summed it up perfectly in his own review. We can hear the Earth boiling raw intense energy in those truly amazing recordings. We all remember the tragic events that took place in New Zealand last December, so we all know how dangerously difficult and unique those sounds are to capture. I’m feeling extremely lucky to be able to listen to them in my confortable studio.
    Thanks for doing what you do George !
    Top Notch work as always

  4. cosmotone06

    Are we listening to some sort of monster? No it’s just our planet breathing and sputtering fire and it is wonderfully captured by George Vlad! Going that close to a volcano and bring those sounds back is a true feat. These recordings are great source material for sound design and will also be helpful in documentaries.

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