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Home Sound Effects Vintage Anime SFX: Thunder, Rain, Wind

Vintage Anime SFX: Thunder, Rain, Wind


Vintage Anime SFX: TRW is the highly anticipated expansion to Vintage Anime Sound SFX. This collection of over 120+ 24/96 sounds was inspired by the iconic weather sounds of wind, thunder, and rain used in fan-favorites like Vampire Hunter D, Cowboy Bebob and Mobile Suit Gundam. The sounds were synthesized using techniques that capture the unique analog tape feel of the 80’s and 90’s classic anime era. These dynamic fx and accents make a great addition to your sound effects library and can be used for anything from fantasy elements and Mecha anime to sweeteners and building material for layering and creating brand new sounds of you own.

  • Classic anime weather sfx from the 80’s and 90’s
  • 120+ sounds including thunder, rain, wind, electricity, blasts
  • Low frequency and distortion accents
  • Expert crafted metadata

Licensor: : Moon Echo Audio Categories: , , .
Type: Anime sound effects / recordings
Specs: 120+ sounds • 120 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 3.52 GB • Includes metadata
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License type:
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