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Home Sound Effects Vintage Air Travel

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Vintage Air Travel

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Vintage Air Travel – Planes, airports, stewardesses, pilots, announcements and more.

This pack contains some of the sounds associated with vintage air travel. Not a specific decade (some parts will be suitable for a contemporary setting), but think of the film ‘Catch Me If You Can’, 60s 70s 80s. An era when smoking was still allowed on planes, when PAN AM and TWA ruled the skies. I have created these ambiences, voices and sounds to suit that era.
There are two ‘tourist information’ tapes, based on the audio that would have accompanied a slide show for visitors to London and Los Angeles.
There are public address announcements that you might hear in an airport.
There’s stewardess VO as heard in the cabin of a jumbo jet and stewardess greetings as you board. A few pilot announcements, sounds of busy jumbo jets in-flight from a passenger perspective. A ride in a Cessna, with pilot chatter, planes passing overhead and more. For a full list of sounds, view the excel document, and play the preview file for a taster.

Licensor: John Silke
Categories: , , .
Type: Travel sound effects / recordings
Specs: 146 files • 109 sounds • 16 Bit / 48 kHz • Not metatagged • 657 MB
Approx. 54 minutes total
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Full sound effects list for Vintage Air Travel :

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