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Urban Air

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Urban Air is a collection of long duration / ready to use / surround urban backgrounds.

This is aXLsound’s first surround ambience library, it has been recorded across different cities with various microphones setup ( LCR ORTF / QUAD / 5.0 ) and then carefully collected and edited into 5.0 surround tracks.

You’ll find various moods and sonic characteristics including: downtown, suburban, industrial, small towns, quiet, loud and annoying traffic beds, wet city, side streets, parks, wide city squares, diffuse and distant urban elements, clean air tones or dirty gritty city noise …

The duration of the tracks varies between 02m 30s for the shortest and more than 08 minutes with the vast majority lasting around 04-05 minutes, so long scenes shouldn’t be a problem. Also, some sounds include markers highlighting (un)interesting sounds and events.

For more convenience, 2 versions are available for this library : 

 –  C / LR / LsRs : the 5.0 sounds are delivered “splitted” in three separate files :  ( 1 mono + 2 stereo files ) , this way you can easily use the stereo files if you don’t need surround.

– .C / .L / .R / Ls / .Rs : multiple mono files

This ambience pack contains 33 sounds / 99 files embedded with full and detailed metadata ( Soundminer, Basehead, iXML ).

Licensor: aXLsound
Categories: , , , , .
Type: Ambience, City Background, Urban Air sound effects / recordings
Specs: 99 files • 33 sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 12.92 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 146 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Full sound effects list for Urban Air:

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5.0 Surround: C / LR / LsRs, 5.0 Surround : .C / .L / .R / Ls / .Rs

1 review

  1. tylerdevongillis

    Fantastic library, long static ambiances perfect for creating distant and close urban atmospheres.

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Founded in 2019 by Axel Steichen, a french sound editor, aXLsound strives to release unique sound librairies made by and for sound designers.

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