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Home Sound Effects Ultimate Hand To Body Foley

Ultimate Hand To Body Foley


Introducing the ultimate hand-to-body foley recordings library, meticulously crafted for your creative projects!

With a diverse collection of 13 unique variations and 19 different body parts, this library is perfect for filling in M&Es or adding realistic hand pats to your scenes.

Immerse yourself in the rich sounds of Arm_Cloth, Arm_Skin, Back_Cloth, Back_Skin, Beard, Chest_Cloth, Chest_Skin, Hair, Hand_Cloth_Glove, Hand_Leather_Glove, Hand_Skin, Head, Lap_Cloth, Neck_Skin, Side_Cloth, Side_Skin, Stomach_Cloth, and Stomach_Skin, ensuring you have every hand-to-body cue covered.

Whether you’re working on film, TV, or game projects, these recordings deliver unmatched authenticity. Capture the perfect stereo blend or separate and mix them as mono, allowing you to tailor the audio to your project’s needs.

Expertly recorded by Foley professionals with over a decade of experience, each sound is meticulously captured, guaranteeing high-quality and true-to-life results.

Choose from performances like Fingers pat soft, Fingers pat medium, Fingers pat hard, Hand pat soft, Hand pat medium, Hand pat hard, Scratch slow, Scratch fast, Hand off, Hand slide 1, Hand slide 2, Grab soft, and Grab hard. Additionally, discover a selection of wild takes featuring common body parts, offering even more versatility to your recordings.

Unleash the power of hand-to-body foley with this exceptional library, enhancing the auditory experience of your projects like never before!

Licensor: : Ultimate Foley Collection Category: .
Specs: 201+ sounds • 16 Bit / 48 kHz • 1.39 GB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Full sound effects list for Ultimate Hand To Body Foley:

Arm Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Cloth_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Cloth_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Cloth_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Cloth_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Cloth_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Cloth_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Cloth_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Skin_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Skin_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Skin_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Skin_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Skin_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Skin_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Skin_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Skin_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Skin_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Arm Skin_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back Cloth_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back Cloth_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back Cloth_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back Cloth_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back Cloth_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back Cloth_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back Cloth_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back skin_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back skin_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back skin_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back skin_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley-1.wav
Back skin_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back skin_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back skin_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back skin_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back skin_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back skin_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back skin_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Back_skin_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Beard Wild.wav
Beard_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Beard_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Beard_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Beard_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Beard_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Beard_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Beard_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Beard_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Beard_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Beard_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest Cloth Wild.wav
Chest Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest Cloth_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest Cloth_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest Cloth_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest Cloth_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest Cloth_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest Cloth_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest Cloth_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest skin wild.wav
Chest skin_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest skin_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest skin_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest skin_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest skin_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest skin_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest skin_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest skin_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest skin_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Chest skin_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hair_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hair_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hair_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hair_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hair_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hair_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hair_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hair_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hair_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hair_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Cloth_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Cloth_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Cloth_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Cloth_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Cloth_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Cloth_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Cloth_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Cloth Wild.wav
Hand Glove Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Leather Wild.wav
Hand Glove Leather_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Leather_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Leather_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Leather_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Leather_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Leather_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Leather_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Leather_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Leather_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Glove Leather_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Skin_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Skin_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Skin_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Skin_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Skin_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Skin_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Skin_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Skin_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Skin_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Skin_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Hand Wild.wav
Head_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Head_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Head_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Head_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Head_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Head_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Head_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Head_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Head_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Head_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Cloth_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Cloth_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Cloth_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Cloth_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Cloth_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Cloth_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Cloth_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Skin_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Skin_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Skin_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Skin_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Skin_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Skin_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Skin_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Skin_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Skin_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Lap Skin_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Neck Skin_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Neck Skin_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Neck Skin_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Neck Skin_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Neck Skin_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Neck Skin_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Neck Skin_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Neck Skin_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Neck Skin_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Neck Skin_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Neck Wild.wav
Side Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Cloth_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Cloth_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Cloth_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Cloth_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Cloth_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Cloth_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Cloth_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Skin_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Skin_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Skin_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Skin_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Skin_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Skin_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Skin_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Skin_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Skin_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side Skin_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Side_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach Cloth_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach Cloth_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach Cloth_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach Cloth_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach Cloth_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach Cloth_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach Cloth_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach Cloth_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach skin_Fingers_Pat_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach skin_Fingers_Pat_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach skin_Fingers_Pat_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach skin_Hand_Grab_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach skin_Hand_Grab_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach skin_Hand_off_Hard – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach skin_Hand_off_Medium – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach skin_Hand_off_Soft – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach skin_Scratch_Fast – Hand_Body_Foley.wav
Stomach skin_Scratch_Slow – Hand_Body_Foley.wav


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Josh Reinhardt started his career in Los Angeles in 2005 When he fell in love with creating sound for motion picture and television. After attending one of the most well known sound schools in the country he helped build Wildfire Studios, one of the largest independent post production facilities in LA. He was first credited with sound editorial for The Road a feature directed by John Hillcoat. Shortly after, he opened a Foley stage with a world renowned foley artist . Josh and his team have recorded Foley for over 70 major motion pictures and were nominated for an Emmy award for outstanding sound mixing on an HBO miniseries called Mildred Pierce and 12 Years A Slave. Josh is committed to helping film makers and film students and game developers realize their vision and passion by creating great custom sound.