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Ukrainian Ambiances

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A collection of ambiances and street sounds recorded in ukraine between 2015-2018. With these recordings I tried to grasp the unique character of Ukraine. The distinct traffic sounds, the wonderful nature and the lively language.

You will find recordings of airport and train station with p.a announcements, street sounds with Russian walla and voices, quiet residential ambiances, Ukrainian village ambiances, supermarkets and markets, schoolyard, school corridor, parade, street traffic, trains, conversations in Russian, prayers, street player talking, pedestrian areas, and more.

Licensor: Rei Elbaz
Categories: , , , , .
Type: Ukranian Ambiance sound effects / recordings
Specs: 54 files • 54 sounds • 24bit / 96kHz • 4.9 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 141 minutes total
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Lada Car Pass By (0:16)
Ukraine Borispol Airport Terminal Near Gate Announcement (7:12)
Ukraine Kiev Airport Terminal Gate Announcement (0:24)
Ukraine Kirovograd Residential Evening ,Distant Traffic Kids Dog Barking (1:42)
Ukraine Kirovograd Residential Evening ,Kids Voices Dog Barking (2:11)
Ukraine Kirovograd Church Bells On Victory Day (1:25)
Ukraine Kirovograd Evening ,Street Traffic Pass Bys (2:57)
Ukraine Kirovograd Highschool Corridor Before And After Bell Ring (5:54)
Ukraine Kirovograd Highschool Playground (4:11)
Ukraine Kirovograd Loud Car Pass By (0:38)
Ukraine Kirovograd Main Street Traffic (2:54)
Ukraine Kirovograd Quiet Street Morning,Far Traffic,Birds (1:34)
Ukraine Kirovograd Residential Night ,Crickets,Distant Traffic (2:00)
Ukraine Kirovograd Side Street Dog Bark (3:32)
Ukraine Kirovograd Side Street Early Morning Far Traffic,Far Dogs (1:46)
Ukraine Kirovograd Side Street Morning Traffic Dogs (1:42)
Ukraine Kirovograd Small Pharmacy (1:25)
Ukraine Kirovograd Small street , Morning (2:34)
Ukraine Kirovograd Street Pass Bys (0:37)
Ukraine Kirovograd Street Traffic Pass Bys (3:51)
Ukraine Kirovograd Supermarket Near Cashiers (2:33)
Ukraine Kirovograd Supermarket With P.A Announcements (1:53)
Ukraine Kirovograd Train Leaving The Station (3:37)
Ukraine Kirovograd Train Station Night, Freight Train Pass By Medium Distance (1:02)
Ukraine Kirovograd Train Station Night, Freight Train Pass By With Horn Hoot (2:37)
Ukraine Kirovograd Train Station Night, Russian Announcements (0:24)
Ukraine Kirovograd Train Station Night, Train Arrive And Stop ,P.A Announcement (1:31)
Ukraine Kirovograd Train Station Russian P.A Announcement (0:41)
Ukraine Kirovograd Victory Day Parade Crowd Walla, Russian (2:35)
Ukraine Kirovograd, Residential Evening ,Crickets, Traffic (2:14)
Ukraine Odessa Big Square Pedestrians Area Russian Walla (2:36)
Ukraine Odessa Boardwalk Russian Walla Pedestrians (2:55)
Ukraine Odessa Catholic Church Ceremony (9:06)
Ukraine Odessa Drunken Girls In The Street (1:19)
Ukraine Odessa Hotel Lobby (5:07)
Ukraine Odessa Kid Pass By Talking Russian (0:07)
Ukraine Odessa Port Entrance Hall, Busy Russian Walla (3:08)
Ukraine Odessa Potyomkin Stairs, Traffic, Pedestrians , Ships Whistle (3:19)
Ukraine Odessa Street Outside Train Station,Russian Walla, P.A Announcements (2:34)
Ukraine Odessa Street Pedestrian Area Russian Walla (1:24)
Ukraine Odessa Street Player Talking Russian (1:16)
Ukraine Odessa Train Station Hall Announcements (2:57)
Ukraine Odessa Train Station Dock , Russian Walla (1:09)
Ukraine Odessa Train Station Main Hall, Russian Walla (1:46)
Ukraine Odessa Train Station On Dock Near Train, Russian Announcements And Walla (3:53)
Ukraine Odessa Train Station On Dock Walla Footsteps Trolleys, P.A (3:00)
Ukraine Picnic On Lake, Russian Walla, People Eat Talk And Laugh (5:00)
Ukraine Subotsy Village Evening , Far Dog ,Wind (2:39)
Ukraine Subottsi Hotel Room Tone Quiet With Far Hits (1:45)
Ukraine Subottsi Village Near Lake , Water Laps, Insects, Far Rooster (2:07)
Ukraine Train Ride Interior Night (5:33)
Ukraine Village Amb Early Morning Birds,Dogs, Roosters,Far Tractor (3:16)
Ukraine Village Small Chicken Coop (1:49)
Ukraine,Kiev Borispol Airport Big Terminal Hall (4:57)

1 review

  1. Matis

    Great characteristic recordings that are very well recorded and listening to them places my mind to eastern europe. Good variety of locations! I only wish there was more takes in each location – although the ones there are all very useful.

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Hi !

I’m A Sound Designer , Sound Editor And Re Recording Mixer For Film And T.V  Located In Tel Aviv Israel.

I Work At Jungle Sound Studios – One Of Israel’s Most Renowned Post Production Facilities.

I’m Also A Long Term Field Recordist And My Recordings Have Been Used In Numerous Projects Over The Years.

Lately I’ve Decided To Publish My Recording In Form Of Organised Libraries.

I mostly Enjoy Recording Ambiances And City Sounds.

More Libraries From Israel And Other Places I travelled Will Be published In the Near Future.

Enjoy !






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