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Home Sound Effects Turning Japanese

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Turning Japanese

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This library contains an eclectic collection of sounds sourced on a recent trip to Japan. It's an auditory sampler of the beauty and stillness as well as the chaos and busyness of Japan, from elevator rides to fish markets, temples, busy streets and mountain streams.

All tracks were record with a stereo pair of Sennheiser MKH 8040's and a Sound Devices 633.

Licensor: Smackheads
Categories: , , .
Type: Japan sound effects / recordings
Specs: 37 files • 37+ sounds • 48kHz / 24bit • 826 MB • Includes metadata
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Back street Tokyo scooter pass (1:15)
Bats in park, daytime, background traffic and birds (1:24)
Behind waterfall indoor (0:32)
Bullet Train interior (1:06)
Electric door lock (0:01)
Electric door lock sequence (0:05)
Elevator internal ride, doors open and close, rattle (1:34)
Elevator press button door open and close (0:15)
Fushimi Inarai Temple bells with crowd (1:02)
Internal corridor apartment building, distant traffic and voices (1:18)
Internal fish markets (1:02)
Kyoto backstreet and night ambience (1:05)
Kyoto mild traffic with pedestrian crossing signal (1:55)
Kyoto quiet backstreet (2:09)
Kyoto side street traffic (1:16)
Kyoto street canal – dIstant Traffic (1:08)
Kyoto street canal – birds and dIstant traffic (2:14)
Mountain stream – large heavy (0:58)
Mountain stream – small (0:37)
Rain balcony 5th floor (2:26)
Ravens in park (1:32)
Scaffold construction (3:16)
Scaffold construction distant voices (2:29)
Scaffold construction ratchet (1:31)
Scaffold construction ratchet 2 (1:53)
Scooter and car passes (0:55)
Scooter close up take off RL (0:07)
Shinjuku Gyoen Garden (1:25)
Small stream (0:29)
Subway arriving train (0:24)
Tokyo Fish Market ambience sweeping (0:24)
Tokyo sidewalk, high heel pedestrian pass (0:43)
Tokyo street corner medium traffic and pedestrian crossing (2:36)
Traffic busy with scooter & cars (0:20)
Traffic close stop and takeoff (3:03)
Traffic pass LR then RL (0:11)
Traffic passing busy street corner (0:39)


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