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Transitions & Foley

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‘Transitions & Foley’ by Cinematic Sound Design delivers this meticulously crafted collection of transitions, whooshes, sweeps, impacts and a lot more. This pack comes with a selection of foley infused sound effects ready to be used within your cinematic productions, apps, games & other projects.

In addition to its suitability for a range of media products, including film, advertising, games and more, each of these creative effects can be used for a video company logo, youtube videos, comedy shows, etc.

We have travelled across eastern Europe to visit barren desolate lands, abandoned buildings, sandpits, beaches to source raw material for this collection. We have only used high-grade equipment such as ‘Sound Devices 702’ field recorder, ‘Sehnheiser 8040’ microphones, ‘Neumann KM184’ and more, as well as a fully equipped studio with an ‘Apogee Symphony AD/DA’.

Product Details:

• 100 Impacts, Transitions, Whooshes and more
• Hand Layered sound design
• 100% Royalty-Free
• 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz

Licensor: Cinematic Sound Design
Categories: , , .
Type: Whoosh, Transitions, Foley sound effects / recordings
Specs: 100 files • 100 sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • Not metatagged • 144 MB
Approx. 3 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
0:03 Airy Aluminium Sheet Snap Transition
0:03 Airy Punchy Snap Impact
0:02 Airy Sweep Glass Metal Impact
0:02 Atmospheric Wooden Slap Transition
0:02 Cinema Plastic Snap Transition
0:02 Cinematic Metal Crush Transition
0:03 Concrete Blocks Slide Metal Sheet Rattle Transition
0:02 Concrete Blocks Slide Transition
0:02 Creak Sweep Transition
0:02 Creaking Porcelain Snap Impact
0:03 Creaking Snap Impact
0:02 Dark Cinematic Stab Transition
0:03 Dark Foley Rattle Transition
0:01 Debris Snap Sweep Transition
0:02 Debris Snap Transition
0:03 Distant Snap Sweep Transition
0:03 Door Lock Transitions
0:02 Dry Noisy Slap Transition
0:02 Fast Aluminium Snap Noise Transition
0:03 Fast Spin Snap Transition
0:02 Flanged Snap Transition
0:02 Foley Large Sqeeky Metal Tin Snap Impact
0:02 Foley Metal Tin Impact
0:02 Foley Short Sweep Transition
0:02 Foley Stab Sweep Rattle Transition
0:02 Foley Stones Roll Snap Transition
0:02 Foley Sweep Rattle Impact
0:03 Foley Various Hits Impact
0:03 Foley Wood Glass Sweep Transition
0:03 Frantic Hit Transition
0:02 Grained Foley Slap Transition
0:02 Grained Sweep Impact Transition
0:02 Heavy Metal Snap Transition
0:04 Insane Spin Snap Transition
0:04 Long Foley Impact Transition
0:03 Massive Creak Whoosh Transition
0:03 Massive Reverb Snap Transition
0:02 Metal Parts Snap Transition
0:03 Metal Pot Snap Transition
0:03 Metal Sheet Shake Snap Transition
0:02 Muted Wooden Sweep Transition
0:02 Patio Door Slider Transition
0:04 Psycho Debris Cinema Impact
0:02 Psycho Funny Snap Transition
0:02 Rapid Foley Sweep Transition
0:02 Rapid Sweep Slap Transition
0:03 Rattle Delay Snap Transition
0:02 Rattle Metal Tin Rolling Transition
0:02 Rattle Metal Tins Transition
0:04 Rattle Sweep Impact Transition
0:02 Rattle Sweep Stab Transition
0:02 Resonant Object Snap Transition
0:03 Rocket Explosion Transition
0:03 Rolling Device Metal Snap Transition
0:03 Rough Machinery Start Transition
0:03 Rusty Snap Debris Transition
0:02 SciFi Engine Snap Transition
0:04 Short Cinematic Metal Snap
0:03 Short Debris Snap Transition
0:02 Short Foley Glass Whoosh Impact Transition
0:02 Short Foley Slap Impact
0:01 Short Foley Snap Impact
0:01 Short Punchy Snap Transition
0:03 Short Rattly Snap
0:02 Short Sweep Snap Impact
0:01 Short Wooden Snap Transition
0:02 Smack Rattle Impact
0:01 Spill Foley Snap Whoosh Transition
0:02 Squeeky Sweep Snap Transition
0:02 Super Slap Sweep Natural Reverb Transition
0:02 Sweep Foley Slap Transition
0:02 Sweep Leaves Spill Impact
0:02 Sweep Natural Reverb Snap Transition
0:03 Swoosh Snap Transition
0:03 Thin Creaking Snap
0:01 Thin Foley Rattle Snap Transition
0:01 Thin Foley Roll Sweep Transition
0:03 Thin Rattle Snap Transition
0:03 Thin Rolling Device Bullet Fire Transition
0:02 Thin Snap Sweep Transition
0:04 Thin Sweep Metal Bang Impact
0:03 Thin Sweep Van Door Slide Transition
0:02 Thin Wooden Snap Transition
0:02 Thin Zip Snap Transition
0:02 Tin Rattle Snap Foley Transition
0:02 Ultra Slider Reverb Snap Transition
0:02 Upward Door Shut Impact
0:02 Van Door Opening Stab Transition
0:03 Van Door Slider Snap Transition
0:02 Weird Foley Snap Impact
0:02 Wood Rattle Reverb Snap Transition
0:02 Wood Ricochet Transition
0:02 Wood Snap Sweep Impact
0:03 Wooden Elements Spin Transition
0:01 Wooden Rattle Whoosh Transition
0:02 Wooden Rolling Splat Snap Transition
0:01 Wooden Stab Impact
0:02 Wooden Sweep Transition


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