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Home Sound Effects Transitions Complete Bundle

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Transitions Complete Bundle

$59.80 $49.95

The Transitions Complete Bundle by L.A.Sound includes:

Transitions 001
In this SFX Series, you will find 60 uniquely designed sounds for all applications of cinema, TV, animation or music.

Transitions 002
This sound pack features the perfect transition and movement sounds for any film, tv or animation project. With 91 sounds in total, they have all been carefully sound designed using a variety of top class plugin processors.

Transitions 003
This pack brings you even more specially crafted sounds for all your animation, game or film post production needs. Each sound has been carefully created using a variety of processing plugins and techniques to give you an arsenal of unique FX to use in your next productions.

Transitions 004
This pack features 62 more uniquely crafted sounds for all your transition needs for TV, Animation & Games. Everything from pass-by’s, whooshes, swishes and more are all jam packed in this collection to get your visual movements sounding awesome.

Licensor: LA Sound
Categories: , , .
Type: Whooshes sound effects / recordings
Specs: 262 files • 262 sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 1.35 GB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
Transitions 001:
Air Vacuum Swish.wav
Air Whoosh.wav
Bass Whoosh.wav
Deep Air Movement.wav
Deep Electronic Movement.wav
Deep Rolling Movement.wav
Distorted Movement Whoosh.wav
Extra Long Movement.wav
Flanger Drone Movement.wav
Gentle Slow Whoosh.wav
Grater Swish.wav
Hard Sliding Movement.wav
Haunting Movement Note.wav
Haunting Movement Stab.wav
Light Air Swish.wav
Light Reverse Whoosh.wav
Long and Slow Panning Flutter.wav
Long and Wide Panning Flutter.wav
Long Eerie Air Movement 1.wav
Long Eerie Air Movement 2.wav
Long Ice Fly-by.wav
Long Low Drone Movement.wav
Long Rising Whoosh.wav
Long Sub Movement.wav
Low Radioactive Movement.wav
Metal Box Swish.wav
Metallic Whoosh 1.wav
Metallic Whoosh 2.wav
Open Air Movement.wav
Quick Hollow Fly-by.wav
Quick Light Swish.wav
Quick Metal Swish.wav
Quick Modulating Flutter.wav
Quick Reverb Arrow Swish.wav
Quick Sub Swish.wav
Quick Tonal Swish.wav
Rapid Spiral Flutter with Metallic Feel.wav
Sci-Fi Swish.wav
Sci-Fi Whoosh.wav
Scratch Swish 1.wav
Scratch Swish 2.wav
Short Deep Digital Movement.wav
Short Flutter Riser.wav
Short Sliding Movement.wav
Sliding Movement.wav
Slow Air Whoosh.wav
Slow Steel Whoosh.wav
Sparkling Digital Fly-by.wav
Spiral Flutter Riser.wav
Sub Movement Quick.wav
Super Quick Modulating Flutter.wav
Super Quick Swish.wav
Sword Slide Swish.wav
Thick Drone Movement.wav
Vacuum Whoosh.wav
Wide Ice Fly-by.wav
Wind Movement Fly-by.wav
Wind Swish.wav
Wing Long Panning Flutter with Fading Tail.wav

Transitions 002:
Abrupt Riser Air 01.wav
Air Passby with Delay 01.wav
Bright Movement Riser 01.wav
Deep Echo Passby 01.wav
Deep Low Movement Sci Fi 01.wav
Deep Low Movement Sci Fi 02.wav
Deep Sub Air Movement 01.wav
Distant Sci Fi Passby 01.wav
Double Sci Fi Movement 01.wav
Far Away Sci Fi Engine Movement 01.wav
Fast Flutter Passby 01.wav
Fast Flutter Sci Fi Engine 01.wav
Fast Flutter Sci Fi Engine 02.wav
Fast Panning Movement Air 01.wav
Fast Passby Sci Fi Movement 01.wav
Flutter Echos Panning 01.wav
Gentle Riser Air 01.wav
Gentle Sci Fi Movement 01.wav
Hollow Swirl Passby 01.wav
Large Echo Transition 01.wav
Long Double Movement Passby 01.wav
Long Gentle Flutter Movements 01.wav
Long Reverb Washed Out Transition 01.wav
Long Reverb Washed Out Transition Pitch Bend 01.wav
Long Rhythmic Flutters Movement 01.wav
Long Rhythmic Flutters Movement 02.wav
Long Rhythmic Flutters Movement 03.wav
Long Riser Flutter Movement 01.wav
Long Sci Fi Mechanics Movement 01.wav
Medium Air Movement Passby 01.wav
Medium Bright Shimmer Movement 01.wav
Metal Shimmer Swipe 01.wav
Panning Tight Air Movement 01.wav
Pitch Bend Riser 01.wav
Pulsating Sci Fi Engine Movement 01.wav
Quick Bright Shimmer Movement 01.wav
Quick Hollow Air Passby 01.wav
Quick Passby Sci Fi Movement 01.wav
Quick Riser Metal Shimmer 01.wav
Quick Riser Metal Shimmer Flutter 01.wav
Quick Rush Flutter 01.wav
Quick Sci Fi Flutter 01.wav
Quick Sci Fi Passby 01.wav
Quick Slither Swipe 01.wav
Reverb Riser Tone Passby 01.wav
Riser Fast Movement Air 01.wav
Riser Metal Shimmer 01.wav
Riser Reverb Synth Tone 01.wav
Sci Fi Engine Passby.wav
Sci Fi Movement Passby 01.wav
Shifting Pulsating Synth Riser 01.wav
Short Reverb Washed Out Transition 02.wav
Slow Gentle Riser 01.wav
Slow Warped Riser 01.wav
Slow Warped Riser 02.wav
Small Flutter Echo 01.wav
Soft Air Passby 01.wav
Soft Flutter Movement 01.wav
Sub Flutter Movement 01.wav
Subtle Hollow Air Movement 01.wav
Thin Air Movement Quick 01.wav
Tone Shift Riser 01.wav

Transitions 003:
Air Movement Breeze 01.wav
Air Passby 01.wav
Big Machine Passby 01.wav
Big Machine Passby 02.wav
Deep Sub Low Movement 01.wav
Deep Sub Movement 02.wav
Distorted Air Riser 01.wav
Eerie Air Movement 01.wav
Fast Electronic Swish 01.wav
Fast Movement Passby 01.wav
Fast Passby 01.wav
Fast Passby 02.wav
Fast Sub Movement 01.wav
Fast Swish 01.wav
Gentle Airy Movement 01.wav
Hollow Air Riser 01.wav
Hollow Slow Build Up 01.wav
Hollow Slow Movement 01.wav
Hollow Slow Movement 02.wav
Hollow Sub Movement 01.wav
Light Air Breeze Movement 01.wav
Light Air Breeze Movement 02.wav
Long Modulating Movement 01.wav
Long Spiral Riser 01.wav
Long Sub Movement 01.wav
Low Hollow Movement 01.wav
Low Movement Passby 01.wav
Low Rumble Passby 01.wav
Low Sub Movement 01.wav
Low Sub Movement 02.wav
Low Sub Movement 03.wav
Machine Whoosh 01.wav
Medium Modulating Movement 01.wav
Medium Speed Machine Movement 01.wav
Quick Air Movement 01.wav
Quick Air Swish 01.wav
Quick Double Swish 01.wav
Quick Double Whoosh 01.wav
Quick Double Whoosh 02.wav
Quick Modulating Passby 01.wav
Quick Reverb Swish 01.wav
Quick Riser 01.wav
Quick Sci-fi Passby 01.wav
Quick Slide Riser 01.wav
Quick Swish Passby 01.wav
Quick Swish Riser 01.wav
Quick Swoosh 01.wav
Reverse Flutter Riser 01.wav
Reverse Riser 01.wav
Rising Action Airy 01.wav
Sc Fi Medium Airy Passby 01.wav
Sci Fi Alarm Noise Pass 01.wav
Sci Fi Breaking Up 01.wav
Sci Fi Deep Extra Long Drone Movement 01.wav
Sci Fi Firecracker 01.wav
Sci Fi Laser Riser 01.wav
Sci Fi Long Airy Riser 01.wav
Sci Fi Low Frequency Movement 01.wav
Sci Fi Machine Movement Delay 01.wav
Sci Fi Medium Passby 01.wav
Sci Fi Modulated Riser 01.wav
Sci Fi Movement Long 01.wav
Sci Fi Movement Medium 01.wav
Sci Fi Passby 01.wav
Sci Fi Quick Air Gust 01.wav
Sci Fi Quick Drone Movement 01.wav
Sci Fi Quick Up & Down Movement 01.wav
Sci Fi Slow Airy Movement 01.wav
Sci Fi Sub Bomb Explosion 01.wav
Slow Build Whoosh 01.wav
Slow Machine Movement 01.wav
Solid Whoosh 01.wav
Spiral Rise Up 01.wav
Strong Whoosh 01.wav
Sub Low Movement 01.wav
Whistling Passby 01.wav
Whistling Rise Up 01.wav
Windy Flutter Riser 01.wav

Transitions 004:

Air Movement Passby 01.wav
Airy Movement Echo 01.wav
Airy Riser Spray 01.wav
Airy Spiral Vacuum Movement 01.wav
Bended Metal Swish 01.wav
Deep Sub Movement 01.wav
Delayed Echo Riser 01.wav
Delayed Movement 01.wav
Delayed Riser Whoosh 01.wav
Distant Airy Long Swish 01.wav
Distant Reverb Swish 01.wav
Distant Reverb Swish 02.wav
Double Flow Movement 01.wav
Double Whoosh Movement 01.wav
Douible Movement Airy Swish 01.wav
Fast Deep Swish 01.wav
Fast Heavy Whoosh 01.wav
Fast Pulsating Swish.wav
Flick Delay Echo Swish 01.wav
Flutter Passby 01.wav
Gentle Airy Riser 01.wav
Gentle Movement 01.wav
Heavy Long Passby 01.wav
Hollow Whoosh 01.wav
Long Air Sweep Passby 01.wav
Long Distant Movement 01.wav
Long Distant Movement 02.wav
Long Echo Airy Movement 01.wav
Long Heavy Movement 01.wav
Long Movement Passby 01.wav
Long Riser Delay 01.wav
Long Rising Air Movement 01.wav
Low Gentle Movement 01.wav
Low Gentle Movement Passby 01.wav
Low Hum Passby 01.wav
Low Rumble Panning Echo 01.wav
Low Rumble Passby 01.wav
Medium Air Riser 01.wav
Medium Air Sweep 01.wav
Medium Pitch Bend Riser 01.wav
Pan Light Swish 01.wav
Panning Spiral Echo 01.wav
Panning Spiral Echo 02.wav
Pitch Bend Metal Swipe 01.wav
Quick Arrow Swish 01.wav
Quick Echo Swish 01.wav
Quick Swish 01.wav
Quick Swish Riser 01.wav
Rising Whoosh 01.wav
Scary Metal Swipe 01.wav
Sci Fi Double Movement 01.wav
Sci Fi Passby 01.wav
Shine Riser Flutter 01.wav
Slow Electric Hum Whoosh 01.wav
Slow Glide Movement 01.wav
Slow Gliding Movement 01.wav
Slow Moving Metal Passby 01.wav
Slow Moving Riser 01.wav
Spiral Rising Whoosh 01.wav
Swish Spiral Movement 01.wav
Weird Delay Noises Riser 01.wav
Wobble Panning Echo 01.wav


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