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Home Sound Effects Transitions 004

Transitions 004


Transitions 004 has a superb collection of uniquely crafted sounds for all your animation, game or film post production needs. Each sound has been carefully sound designed using a variety of processing plugins and techniques to give you an arsenal of unique FX to use in your next productions. All files have been meta tagged so they’ll be easily searchable in Soundminer.

Licensor: LA Sound
Categories: , , .
Type: Transitions sound effects / recordings
Specs: 62 files • 62 sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 447 MB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
Air Movement Passby 01.wav
Airy Movement Echo 01.wav
Airy Riser Spray 01.wav
Airy Spiral Vacuum Movement 01.wav
Bended Metal Swish 01.wav
Deep Sub Movement 01.wav
Delayed Echo Riser 01.wav
Delayed Movement 01.wav
Delayed Riser Whoosh 01.wav
Distant Airy Long Swish 01.wav
Distant Reverb Swish 01.wav
Distant Reverb Swish 02.wav
Double Flow Movement 01.wav
Double Whoosh Movement 01.wav
Douible Movement Airy Swish 01.wav
Fast Deep Swish 01.wav
Fast Heavy Whoosh 01.wav
Fast Pulsating Swish.wav
Flick Delay Echo Swish 01.wav
Flutter Passby 01.wav
Gentle Airy Riser 01.wav
Gentle Movement 01.wav
Heavy Long Passby 01.wav
Hollow Whoosh 01.wav
Long Air Sweep Passby 01.wav
Long Distant Movement 01.wav
Long Distant Movement 02.wav
Long Echo Airy Movement 01.wav
Long Heavy Movement 01.wav
Long Movement Passby 01.wav
Long Riser Delay 01.wav
Long Rising Air Movement 01.wav
Low Gentle Movement 01.wav
Low Gentle Movement Passby 01.wav
Low Hum Passby 01.wav
Low Rumble Panning Echo 01.wav
Low Rumble Passby 01.wav
Medium Air Riser 01.wav
Medium Air Sweep 01.wav
Medium Pitch Bend Riser 01.wav
Pan Light Swish 01.wav
Panning Spiral Echo 01.wav
Panning Spiral Echo 02.wav
Pitch Bend Metal Swipe 01.wav
Quick Arrow Swish 01.wav
Quick Echo Swish 01.wav
Quick Swish 01.wav
Quick Swish Riser 01.wav
Rising Whoosh 01.wav
Scary Metal Swipe 01.wav
Sci Fi Double Movement 01.wav
Sci Fi Passby 01.wav
Shine Riser Flutter 01.wav
Slow Electric Hum Whoosh 01.wav
Slow Glide Movement 01.wav
Slow Gliding Movement 01.wav
Slow Moving Metal Passby 01.wav
Slow Moving Riser 01.wav
Spiral Rising Whoosh 01.wav
Swish Spiral Movement 01.wav
Weird Delay Noises Riser 01.wav
Wobble Panning Echo 01.wav


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