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Home Sound Effects Transitions 001

Transitions 001


In this SFX Series, you will find 60 uniquely designed sounds for all applications of cinema, TV, animation or music. Sounds included in this download include movements, swishes, whooshes and flutters, covering all ranges of frequencies and textures to add drama or added effect to your productions. Each sound has been recorded from the sound source and crafted into their own unique distinct sound for you to use and manipulate.

What’s included:

8 Flutter FX recorded at 48kHz / 24bit / WAVs
19 Movements recorded at 48kHz / 24bit / WAVs
16 Swishes recorded at 48kHz / 24bit / WAVs
5 Fly-bys recorded at 48kHz / 24bit / WAVs
12 Whooshes recorded at 48kHz / 24bit / WAVs
Metadata tagging for Sound Miner

Licensor: LA Sound
Categories: , .
Type: Swishes sound effects / recordings
Specs: 51 files • 51 sounds • 24bit / 48kHz • 76 MB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
1.Long Ice Fly-by (0:02)
2.Quick Hollow Fly-by
3.Sparkling Digital Fly-by (0:02)
4.Wide Ice Fly-by (0:02)
5.Wind Movement Fly-by
6.Deep Air Movement (0:01)
7.Deep Electronic Movement
8.Deep Rolling Movement
9.Extra Long Movement (0:05)
10.Flanger Drone Movement (0:03)
11.Hard Sliding Movement (0:03)
12.Haunting Movement Note (0:02)
13.Haunting Movement Stab (0:01)
14.Long Eerie Air Movement 1 (0:04)
15.Long Eerie Air Movement 2 (0:04)
16.Long Low Drone Movement (0:04)
17.Long Sub Movement (0:04)
18.Low Radioactive Movement (0:03)
19.Open Air Movement (0:02)
20.Short Deep Digital Movement (0:01)
21.Short Sliding Movement
22.Sliding Movement (0:01)
23.Sub Movement Quick (0:01)
24.Thick Drone Movement (0:03)
25.Air Vacuum Swish
26.Grater Swish
27.Light Air Swish
28.Metal Box Swish
29.Quick Light Swish
30.Quick Metal Swish
31.Quick Reverb Arrow Swish (0:02)
32.Quick Sub Swish
33.Quick Tonal Swish
34.Sci-Fi Swish (0:01)
35.Scratch Swish 1
36.Scratch Swish 2
37.Super Quick Swish
38.Sword Slide Swish (0:01)
39.Wind Swish
40.Air Whoosh (0:01)
41.Bass Whoosh
42.Distorted Movement Whoosh (0:02)
43.Gentle Slow Whoosh (0:02)
44.Light Reverse Whoosh
45.Long Rising Whoosh (0:01)
46.Metallic Whoosh 1 (0:01)
47.Metallic Whoosh 2
48.Sci-Fi Whoosh
49.Slow Air Whoosh (0:01)
50.Slow Steel Whoosh (0:01)
51.Vacuum Whoosh (0:01)


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