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Home Sound Effects Tibetan Mysticism

Tibetan Mysticism


Ensembles of traditional Buddhist instruments and chanting, with throat singing.

Licensor: : Rishhad Kothawala Categories: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .
Type: Ethnic sound effects / recordings
Specs: 138 sounds • 138 files • 24 Bit / 48 kHz • 690 MB • Includes metadata
Approx. 109 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Tibetan Mysticism is a wav sample pack in 48khz 24bit audio containing recorded one shots, loops and ensembles of traditional Buddhist instruments and chanting, including throat singing!

Apart from the dry recorded sounds, there’s also the inclusion of ambient textures and soundscapes of an ethnic, ethereal, religious and shamanic nature, perfect for an oriental ambience.

Available in two separate categories “Solitary Samples” and “Enlightened Textures”, creators have the ability to customize and sequence thier own music or draw inspiration from ready-made Buddhist soundscapes.

Discover the sounds & mystic vibe of a culture profoundly in tune with the psyche, the path to liberation & nature of reality with Tibetan Mysticism!

Tibetan Mysticism: Buddhist instruments, chanting & soundscapes

Full sound effects list for Tibetan Mysticism:

Walking on Water.wav
Three Headed Dagger.wav
Questionable Existence.wav
Lights Over Lhasa.wav
Navigating the Ether.wav
Light Body Ascensions.wav
Friendly Ghosts.wav
I against I.wav
Final Bardo.wav
Enlightened Ones & Zeros.wav
Esoteric Monks.wav
Druk & Makara.wav
Break the Cycle.wav
Demons & Deities.wav
A Study of Stars.wav
Acoustic Levitation.wav
A passage to India.wav
Ting shag.wav
Ting shag 16.wav
Ting shag 17.wav
Ting shag 13.wav
Ting shag 14.wav
Ting shag 15.wav
Ting shag 11.wav
Ting shag 12.wav
Ting shag 10.wav
Ting shag 9.wav
Ting shag 7.wav
Ting shag 8.wav
Ting shag 5.wav
Ting shag 6.wav
Ting shag 3.wav
Ting shag 4.wav
Sil nyan.wav
Ting shag 2.wav
Dril bu.wav
Sil nyan 2.wav
Dril bu 2.wav
Dril bu 3.wav
Cattle bells.wav
Cattle bells Sparse.wav
Cattle bells Sparse 3.wav
Cattle bells Intense.wav
Cattle bells Sparse 2.wav
Cattle bells Intense 3.wav
Cattle bells Intense 2.wav
Ensemble 10.wav
Ensemble 8.wav
Ensemble 9.wav
Ensemble 7.wav
Ensemble 6.wav
Ensemble 4.wav
Ensemble 5.wav
Ensemble 3.wav
Ensemble 1.wav
Ensemble 2.wav
Kang ling.wav
Kang ling 10.wav
Kang ling 9.wav
Kang ling 7.wav
Kang ling 8.wav
Kang ling 5.wav
Kang ling 6.wav
Kang ling 3.wav
Kang ling 4.wav
Gya ling.wav
Kang ling 2.wav
Gya ling & Dril bu.wav
Gya ling 6.wav
Gya ling 4.wav
Gya ling 5.wav
Gya ling 3.wav
Dung chen.wav
Gya ling 2.wav
Dung chen 6.wav
Dung chen 7.wav
Dung chen 4.wav
Dung chen 5.wav
Dung chen 3.wav
Dung chen 2.wav
Choe-nga & Rol mo.wav
Choe-nga & Rol mo 15.wav
Choe-nga & Rol mo 11.wav
Choe-nga & Rol mo 12.wav
Choe-nga & Rol mo 14.wav
Choe-nga & Rol mo 10.wav
Choe-nga & Rol mo 9.wav
Choe-nga & Rol mo 7.wav
Choe-nga & Rol mo 8.wav
Choe-nga & Rol mo 4.wav
Choe-nga & Rol mo 5.wav
Choe-nga & Rol mo 6.wav
Choe-nga & Rol mo 2.wav
Choe-nga & Rol mo 3.wav
Singing Bowl.wav
Singing Bowl 16.wav
Singing Bowl 17.wav
Singing Bowl 14.wav
Singing Bowl 15.wav
Singing Bowl 12.wav
Singing Bowl 13.wav
Singing Bowl 10.wav
Singing Bowl 11.wav
Singing Bowl 9.wav
Singing Bowl 6.wav
Singing Bowl 7.wav
Singing Bowl 8.wav
Singing Bowl 4.wav
Singing Bowl 5.wav
Singing Bowl 2.wav
Singing Bowl 3.wav
Throat Singing.wav
Throat Singing 7.wav
Throat Singing 8.wav
Throat Singing 5.wav
Throat Singing 6.wav
Throat Singing 3.wav
Throat Singing 4.wav
Throat Singing 2.wav
Chanting 16.wav
Chanting 14.wav
Chanting 15.wav
Chanting 12.wav
Chanting 13.wav
Chanting 10.wav
Chanting 11.wav
Chanting 8.wav
Chanting 9.wav
Chanting 6.wav
Chanting 7.wav
Chanting 4.wav
Chanting 5.wav
Chanting 3.wav
Chanting 2.wav


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Rishhad Kothawala is a television & film composer, sound designer recording unique captivating sounds for a signature touch to music production and cinematic sound design.