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Home Sound Effects The Elevator Speaks

The Elevator Speaks


THE ELEVATOR SPEAKS is a sound pack that has a neutral male English voice reading floors and levels up to 100. Beyond the 100th floor you can use the One Hundred And, Two Hundred And etc up to floor One Thousand, to concatenate the speech files. I.e 'level two hundred and ten' or 'three hundred and fiftieth floor.'

The voice files are bespoke, recorded for this sound pack and ok to use in any project or indeed, elevator. PLEASE NOTE I have duplicated the VO files, one set is processed to sound as though they are coming through a small speaker, one set are as recorded, unprocessed for you to use as is or process as desired.

There are also a few sound effects. An elevator travelling, doors and a button press.

Licensor: John Silke
Category: .
Type: Voice sound effects / recordings
Specs: 680 files • 342 sounds • 16 Bit / 48 kHz • 96.5 MB
Approx. 10 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

01 1st Floor.wav
02 2nd Floor.wav
03 3rd Floor.wav
04 4th Floor.wav
05 5th Floor.wav
06 6th Floor.wav
07 7th Floor.wav
08 8th Floor.wav
09 9th Floor.wav
10 10th Floor.wav
11 11th Floor.wav
12 12th Floor.wav
13 13th Floor.wav
14 14th Floor.wav
15 15th Foor.wav
16 16th Floor.wav
17 17th Floor.wav
18 18th Floor.wav
19 19th Floor.wav
20 20th Floor.wav
21 21st Floor.wav
22 22nd Floor.wav
23 23rd Floor.wav
24 24th Floor.wav
25 25th Floor.wav
26 26th Floor.wav
27 27th Floor.wav
28 28th Floor.wav
29 29th Floor.wav
30 30th Floor.wav
31 31st Floor.wav
32 32nd Floor.wav
33 33rd Floor.wav
34 34th Floor.wav
35 35th Floor.wav
36 36th Floor.wav
37 37th Floor.wav
38 38th Floor.wav
39 39th Floor.wav
40 40th Floor.wav
41 41st Floor.wav
42 42nd Floor.wav
43 43rd Floor.wav
44 44th Floor.wav
45 45th Floor.wav
46 46th Floor.wav
47 47th Floor.wav
48 48th Floor.wav
49 49th Floor.wav
50 50th Floor.wav
51 51st Floor.wav
52 52nd Floor.wav
53 53rd Floor.wav
54 54th Floor.wav
55 55th Floor.wav
56 56th Floor.wav
57 57th Floor.wav
58 58th Floor.wav
59 59th Floor.wav
60 60th Floor.wav
61 61st Floor.wav
62 62nd Floor.wav
63 63rd Floor.wav
64 64th Floor.wav
65 65th Floor.wav
66 66th Floor.wav
67 67th Floor.wav
68 68th Floor.wav
69 69th Floor.wav
70 70th Floor.wav
71 71st Floor.wav
72 72nd Floor.wav
73 73rd Floor.wav
74 74th Floor.wav
75 75th Floor.wav
76 76th Floor.wav
77 77th Floor.wav
78 78th Floor.wav
79 79th Floor.wav
80 80th Floor.wav
81 81st Floor.wav
82 82nd Floor.wav
83 83rd Floor.wav
84 84th Floor.wav
85 85th Floor.wav
86 86th Floor.wav
87 87th Floor.wav
88 88th Floor.wav
89 89th Floor.wav
90 90th Floor.wav
91 91st Floor.wav
92 92nd Floor.wav
93 93rd Floor.wav
94 94th Floor.wav
95 95th Floor.wav
96 96th Floor.wav
97 97th Floor.wav
98 98th Floor.wav
99 99th floor.wav
100 100th Floor.wav
100 And.wav
200 And.wav
300 And.wav
400 And.wav
500 And.wav
600 And.wav
700 And.wav
800 And.wav
900 And.wav
Level 1000.wav
Do Not Speak At The Same Time As The Operator.wav
Door Jammed ALT 2.wav
Door Jammed Please Remove Any Objects In The Way Of The Closing Doors.wav
Doors Cannot Close.wav
Doors Closing.wav
Doors Jammed.wav
Doors Opening.wav
Elevator Is Out Of Order.wav
Elevator Is Out Of Service.wav
Express To.wav
Front Doors Opening ALT.wav
Front Doors Opening.wav
Going Down ALT.wav
Going Down.wav
Going Up Alt.wav
Going Up.wav
Good Afternoon ALT.wav
Good Afternoon.wav
Good Morning.wav
Have A Nice Day.wav
Lift Is Out Of Order.wav
Lift Is Out Of Service.wav
Lift Is Overloaded.wav
No Smoking.wav
Out Of Order.wav
Out Of Service.wav
Please Press The Communication Button.wav
Please Press The Communications Button To Talk To An Assistant.wav
Please Press The Communications Button To Talk To An Operator.wav
Please Push The Alarm Button.wav
Please Remove Objects.wav
Please Select A Floor.wav
Please Select A Level.wav
Please Show Access Card.wav
Please Stand Back From The Closing Doors.wav
Rear Doors Opening ALT.wav
Rear Doors Opening.wav
Show Access Card.wav
Thankyou For Using This Elevator.wav
This Is A No Smoking Elevator.wav
This Is A No Smoking Lift.wav
Accident & Emergency.wav
Basement Floor.wav
Basement Level.wav
Departures ALT 2.wav
Food Hall.wav
Garage ALT 2.wav
Garage ALT 3.wav
Garage ALT.wav
Garage Level ALT 2.wav
Garage Level ALT.wav
Garage Level.wav
Garbage Level.wav
Garden Level.wav
Ground Floor ALT.wav
Ground Floor.wav
Gym Level.wav
Hospital Level.wav
Laundry Level.wav
Laundry Room.wav
Level ALT.wav
Level Mezzanine.wav
Lobby Level.wav
Lower ALT.wav
Lower Ground Floor ALT.wav
Lower Ground Floor.wav
Lower Ground.wav
Lower Level.wav
Mezzanine ALT.wav
Mezzanine Level.wav
Parking ALT.wav
Parking Level ALT.wav
Parking Level.wav
Penthouse ALT 2.wav
Penthouse ALT.wav
Platform ALT 2.wav
Platform ALT.wav
Reception ALT.wav
Reception Level.wav
Restaurant Level ALT.wav
Restaurant Level.wav
Roof Level.wav
Sales Floor.wav
Street ALT.wav
Street Level ALT.wav
Street Level.wav
Swimming Pool.wav
Upper ALT.wav
Upper Floor ALT.wav
Upper Floor.wav
Upper Ground Floor ALT.wav
Upper Ground Floor.wav
Upper Ground.wav
Upper Level.wav
00 Level 00.wav
01 Level 01.wav
02 Level 02.wav
03 Level 03.wav
04 Level 04.wav
05 Level 05.wav
06 Level 06.wav
07 Level 07.wav
08 Level 08.wav
09 Level 09.wav
10 Level 10.wav
11 Level 11.wav
12 Level 12.wav
13 Level 13.wav
14 Level 14.wav
15 Level 15.wav
16 Level 16.wav
17 Level 17.wav
18 Level 18.wav
19 Level 19.wav
20 Level 20.wav
21 Level 21.wav
22 Level 22.wav
23 Level 23.wav
24 Level 24.wav
25 Level 25.wav
26 level 26.wav
27 Level 27.wav
28 Level 28.wav
29 Level 29.wav
30 Level 30.wav
31 Level 31.wav
32 Level 32.wav
33 Level 33.wav
34 Level 34.wav
35 Level 35.wav
36 Level 36.wav
37 Level 37.wav
38 Level 38.wav
39 Level 39.wav
40 Level 40.wav
41 Level 41.wav
42 Level 42.wav
43 Level 43.wav
44 Level 44.wav
45 Level 45.wav
46 Level 46.wav
47 Level 47.wav
48 Level 48.wav
49 Level 49.wav
50 Level 50.wav
51 Level 51.wav
52 Level 52.wav
53 Level 53.wav
54 Level 54.wav
55 Level 55.wav
56 Level 56.wav
57 Level 57.wav
58 Level 58.wav
59 level 59.wav
60 Level 60.wav
61 Level 61.wav
62 Level 62.wav
63 Level 63.wav
64 Level 64.wav
65 Level 65.wav
66 Level 66.wav
67 Level 67.wav
68 Level 68.wav
69 Level 69.wav
70 Level 70.wav
71 Level 71.wav
72 Level 72.wav
73 Level 73.wav
74 Level 74.wav
75 Level 75.wav
76 Level 76.wav
77 Level 77.wav
78 Level 78.wav
79 Level 79.wav
80 Level 80.wav
81 Level 81.wav
82 Level 82.wav
83 Level 83.wav
84 Level 84.wav
85 Level 85.wav
86 Level 86.wav
87 Level 87.wav
88 Level 88.wav
89Â Level 89.wav
90 Level 90.wav
91 Level 91.wav
92 Level 92.wav
93 Level 93.wav
94 Level 94.wav
95 Level 95.wav
96 Level 96.wav
97 Level 97.wav
98 Level 98.wav
99 Level 99.wav
100 Level 100.wav


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