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Synthesized Moods

From: $16

Synthesized Moods is a  collection of 18 soundscapes, drones and textures produced by sound designer Giorgio Riolo using Native Instrument’s Massive plug-in.

All moods are “Synthesized”, imaginary and abstract.

They’ll add a bizarre layer to your ambiences sound effects and sometimes they’ll give a musical taste with a sci-fi, dark and sinister accent to your project .

Synthesized Moods is available in two versions:

Audio-Only (24bit / 96 kHz): ready to use -23Lufs and 1 minute long audio files (played at the root note indicated into the filename and tracklist).

Audio and NI Massive presets: this is the version for the sound designer and sound editors, it contains NI Massive presets to give you the opportunity to shape your own sound moving all synth controls and to play with the note you need. All Presets are implemented with Macro-control knobs to perform the layers of the soundscapes “on the fly” and NI metadata to find it into Massive browser. Note: NI Massive not included.

Licensor: : SoundFxWizard Categories: , .
Type: Soundscapes sound effects / recordings
Specs: 18 sounds • 18 files • 24bit - 96Khz • 550mb • Not metatagged
Approx. 18 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
SFXW002 Wind On Water A#3 (1:05)
SFXW002 Waiting F3 (1:00)
SFXW002 Whistle Rain A3 (1:08)
SFXW002 Singing Robots C3 (1:00)
SFXW002 Subharmonic Activity G3 (1:00)
SFXW002 Hum Mosquitos B3 (1:00)
SFXW002 Industrial Hammer D4 (1:01)
SFXW002 Quiet Disharmony C3 (1:01)
SFXW002 Formant Revolution A#3 (1:00)
SFXW002 Glassyshpere F5 (1:05)
SFXW002 Grass G#3 (1:01)
SFXW002 Digital Wake Up A3 (1:04)
SFXW002 False Start C4 (1:00)
SFXW002 Data Alarms D3 (1:01)
SFXW002 Digital Anomaly F3 (1:00)
SFXW002 Crime Scene D# (1:00)
SFXW002 Crowd Interference C3 (1:00)
SFXW002 Bass And Steam C#3 (0:57)


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SoundFxWizard provides royalty-free sound effects for Audio Post Facilities, sound designers, sound editors, filmmakers and sound artists. All Sfx are recorded and produced by Italian sound designer Giorgio Riolo