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Swordfighter is a robust package with sharp sounding swords, heaps of variations and all the extras you need to make a fight come alive. Build unique sword swings with various hits, swooshes, schings, different fighter vocals and impacts on various surfaces. All up there are 137 sword sounds, 93 surface impact sounds, 15 knife throwing sounds, 48 swooshes and 180 fighter vocals.

This version includes two sub-folders: one optimised for a film & TV workflow and the other optimised for video games workflow. Plus a few bonus sounds of a charging army.

Licensor: : Squeaky Fish Categories: , , , .
Type: Sword sound effects / recordings
Specs: 479 sounds • 42 files • 24 bit / 48 kHz • 357 MB • Includes metadata
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Sword Fighter - Epic Sword Sound Effects And Fight Sounds


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1 review

  1. jokoulouris

    Great sounds here! There are great sword sound sources. The greatest advantage is that these are supplementary sounds such as swooshes, footsteps and fighter vocals.

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