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Home Sound Effects Stromboli – A Volcanic Sound Library

Stromboli – A Volcanic Sound Library


Here a library of one of the most active volcano in Europe: The Stromboli.

The actual sound library contains 73 sound recordings for a size of 2.6 GB.

Eruptions were recording mainly from three distances:

• at 200m of altitude and 1,3km distance from cratere

• at 400m of altitude and 1km distance from cratere

• at 850m of altitude and 500m distance from cratere

I stayed here one month to manage to have the most diversified eruptions that offer Iddu the volcano. A friend who accompanied me did beautiful shoots with cameras and drone. You can have a look to the video. This project brought us to another one, that’s coming up in the next months, a type of documentary about the whole island and his inhabitants.

So in the future I will add more sounds of Stromboli, the city, the people, the sea, the animals, the ambient etc… that you could listen and download for free on my website.

I wanted this sound library focused on the eruptions, but I put also a few recording of the waves and water because they sound particularly strong and they suggest the volcano’s sound: All the island is little made of “fresh” lava’s rock, that make every impact very resonant in the bass frequencies.

This library contains also a few ambient of the island, his city and his surrounding nature. And some roomtone corresponding to the place where I recorded the eruptions.

All recording made with the Nagra VI. Neumann mics, audio technica MS and Micromix amp for some specifics recording.

Licensor: Clovis Tisserand
Categories: , , , , .
Type: volcano sound effects / recordings
Specs: 88 files • 73 sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • Not metatagged • 2.64 GB
Approx. 45 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
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I’m Clovis, an experienced freelance field recorder and sound designer.

Now, my only pleasure, after years of sound set recording for cinema, is to travel and record nature’s sound…