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STOMPS – Creature Footsteps

From: $299

We're incredibly excited to introduce the 'STOMPS – Creature Footsteps' sound effects library – these are footsteps like you’ve never heard them before!

STOMPS is a massive collection of more than 8,500 files to boost your creativity and help you add special footstep sounds to your new project.

The library is organized into 3 categories –
Source, Textures, Design:

In the Source category you’ll find the “best of” several hours worth of our recordings sessions, with more than 7,500 files (with lots of variations) organized into 83 folders. Every single sound is the product of a new recording.

You’ll find the sequences that include: 2 Legs WALKING, 2 Legs RUNNING, 4 Legs GALLOPING, 4 Legs TROTTING, and 4 Legs WALKING.

We used all kinds of weird props to record original, versatile sounds with lot of character, different textures, and in very different frequency ranges.

These sounds form the DNA of your future footsteps. You’ll have lots of different sound colours to play with, ranging from very small and harsh sounds to very low and bold ones, and all the ranges in between.

In the Texture category, you’ll find more than 600 sounds with different textures to help you customize your footsteps. These textures are also a very valuable sonic material that will help you construct lots of varying sound design work.

Finally, we have the Design category. Here you’ll find more than 500 processed sounds created by veteran sound designer Michel Marchant, covering a wide range of characters like Robots, Snow Creatures, Distant Dinosaurs, Rock Golems, Armies, Colossus and many, many more!

With “STOMPS, Creature Footsteps,” you’ll have anything you’ll need to create everything from small creature footsteps to big, out-of-this-world ones.

Licensor: Bonson
Categories: , , .
Type: Creature Stomp sound effects / recordings
Specs: 8500+ files • 8500+ sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz & 192 kHz • Up to 6.6 GB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Single user, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here
The designed sounds are grouped into categories such as:

Android • Aquatic Humanoid • Athos • Big Snow Monster • Cyclops • T-Rex • Elf, tiny • Ent • Eskimo • Furious • Galactic Ice • Gear Heavy & Medium • Giant Crab • Gigante • Golem, Giant Rock • Hellions • Kaiju • Kronos • Magnus • Mars Promenade • Mech Mechanical • Mech Old Model • Mechanical Duo • Metal Scrap • Minotaur • Nail Guy • Organic Shakers • Organic Spray • Otherworldly • Paw • Pirate Zombie • Poseidon • Robot, Heavy • Robot, Malfunction • Rubber • Santa Is Coming • Seed Shell Shaker • Shell Creature • Spider Chase • The Thing • Vikings on Ice • Ultra Fast Boy Run • Warrior • Zonk

Gear used to create this library:

Some of the microphones we used to produce this library include: Sennheiser MHK 8040; MKH 30; MKH 40; MKH 60; Neumann TLM 170 and the SANKEN CO-100k.

We recorded these sounds using Sound Devices 702T, Pro Tools HD, and Metric Halo LIO-8.

All sounds were recorded at 192 kHz, 24 Bits and edited and mastered in glorious REAPER.

All files have appropriate filenames and complete Soundminer Metadata.

All of them have been meticulously recorded, edited with patience, and mastered with love.

We put our souls into this collection and we really hope that it’s a great toolbox for sound artists looking for fresh, original, high-end sounds.


– Michel Marchant
Founder and Lead Sound Designer
BONSON Sound Effects Libraries

Note: No creature was damaged during the recording of this sound library.

View the complete PDF track listing (30 MB)


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Meticulously recorded, edited with patience, mastered with love.

At Bonson we create original sound effects libraries for sound designers by sound designers. We’re 100% independent with collaborators from across the globe. We cater to professionals in film, video game, television and new medias.

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