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Stately Museums


It's not everyday you get the opportunity to record in the Smithsonian Institute when it's open…let alone when it's closed! Now you don't have to. This library contains sounds from seven museums, an administrative area and the National Zoo. All recorded in M/S using the ultra-quiet Sennheiser MKH40 and MKH30, and decoded into stereo files.

This library includes sounds from:

• The Museum of Natural History
• The Museum of American History
• The Museum of Air and Space
• The Museum of the American Indian
• The Freer Gallery
• The subterranean exhibits of the Sackler Gallery
• The Museum of African Art
• The Administrative Ripley Center
• The National Zoo

All told, three and a half hours of unique museum ambiences!

Licensor: Dynamic Interference
Categories: , , .
Type: Museum sound effects / recordings
Specs: 46 files • 46 sounds • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 7.07 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 210 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

The Smithsonian is quite possibly the largest network of museums in the world. It’s facilities can be found scattered throughout the Washington, DC, area, but it is the museums on the National Mall and the Zoo in Adams Morgan that attract the most visitors. Each building has its own distinctive sound; both when open and closed. None of them are ever truly empty though, and the sparse and occasional sounds of voices and activity that can be heard in the museums when they are closed to the public gives a distinctly different impression.

The Zoo provides its own unique backdrop, being a space devoted to nature in the center of urban sprawl. When was the last time you heard wolves howling amidst the sound of a city’s hum? You can here!

1.AMB Freer Courtyard DynInt006.01 (7:03)
2.AMB Freer Lobby Closed DynInt006.02 (5:17)
3.AMB Freer Lobby Open DynInt006.03 (7:49)
4.AMB NMAH Lobby Closed DynInt006.07 (4:51)
5.AMB NMAH Lobby Open DynInt006.08 (8:09)
6.AMB NMAI 3rdFlHall Closed DynInt006.09 (1:44)
7.AMB NMAI 4thFlXbit Closed DynInt006.11 (3:00)
8.AMB NMAI 4thFlXbit2 Closed DynInt006.10 (2:51)
9.AMB NMAI Lobby Closed DynInt006.15 (5:04)
10.AMB NMAI Lobby1 Open DynInt006.12 (3:14)
11.AMB NMAI Lobby2 Open DynInt006.13 (3:03)
12.AMB NMAI Lobby3 Open DynInt006.14 (4:45)
13.AMB NMAS Lobby1 Closed DynInt006.16 (4:34)
14.AMB NMAS Lobby1 Open DynInt006.17 (5:02)
15.AMB NMAS Lobby2 Closed DynInt006.18 (1:57)
16.AMB NMAS Lobby2 Open DynInt006.19 (5:13)
17.AMB NMAS Lobby3 Open DynInt006.20 (4:00)
18.AMB NMAS Lobby4 Open DynInt006.21 (6:16)
19.AMB NMAS Lobby5 Open DynInt006.22 (5:00)
20.AMB NMNH LobbyA Closed DynInt006.23 (4:14)
21.AMB NMNH LobbyA Open DynInt006.24 (11:07)
22.AMB NMNH LobbyB Open DynInt006.25 (13:18)
23.AMB NMAA SubLevel1 Open DynInt006.04 (5:23)
24.AMB NMAA SubLevel3 Closed DynInt006.05 (7:10)
25.AMB NMAA SubLevel3 Open DynInt006.06 (7:18)
26.AMB RipleyCenter Closed DynInt006.26 (6:56)
27.AMB RipleyCenter Open DynInt006.27 (7:45)
28.AMB Sackler SubLevel3 Closed DynInt006.28 (7:38)
29.AMB Sackler SubLevel3 Open DynInt006.29 (7:14)
30.AMB Zoo AmericanTrail DynInt006.30 (2:30)
31.AMB Zoo AsiaTrail1 DynInt006.31 (2:07)
32.AMB Zoo AsiaTrail2 DynInt006.32 (2:56)
33.AMB Zoo ElephantBridge1 DynInt006.33 (5:05)
34.AMB Zoo ElephantBridge2 DynInt006.34 (1:28)
35.AMB Zoo FlamingoXbit1 DynInt006.35 (2:31)
36.AMB Zoo FlamingoXbit2 DynInt006.36 (3:16)
37.AMB Zoo GrayWolvesDistant DynInt006.37 (2:33)
38.AMB Zoo GrayWolvesXbit DynInt006.38 (2:34)
39.AMB Zoo Kids DynInt006.39 (0:51)
40.AMB Zoo Kids2 DynInt006.40 (2:29)
41.AMB Zoo Kids3 DynInt006.41 (7:12)
42.AMB Zoo LemurWaterfall DynInt006.42 (2:31)
43.AMB Zoo LionXbit DynInt006.43 (3:57)
44.AMB Zoo RedWolvesXbit DynInt006.44 (5:54)
45.AMB Zoo SealXbit1 DynInt006.45 (2:02)
46.AMB Zoo SealXbit2 DynInt006.46 (2:29)


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