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Star Fighter Alpha

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Orbital Emitter is proud to present Star Fighter Alpha – a comprehensive sci-fi sound-set providing a rich arsenal of futuristic space fighter sounds for you to use in all of your creative productions!
In Science Fiction, star fighters blast across the cosmos leaving other vessels in their fiery wake.
These nimble craft fly at incredible speeds engaging in battle and patrolling the stars. Countless movies, video games and media have featured these sleek space ships at the center of their adventures. 
Where would you begin sound designing one of these nuanced spacecraft? You could probably spend hours just finding the right real-world jet fighter sounds to start… Then comes all the re-synthesis and balancing just to make it sound authentic. With deadlines looming and the need for cinematic and convincing science fiction sound being higher than ever, wouldn’t it be great to have a foundation of cinematic sci-fi sounds at your fingertips?
Star Fighter Alpha contains powerful engine blasts, advanced cockpit displays, aligned interior and exterior flight perspectives, robust fly-bys, searing weapons blasts and more! Each sound file is designed to be flexible, enabling you to pick and choose from our long-playing audio-scenes as well as customize your own creations using our isolated audio-stems!

We will be releasing more Star Fighter sound-sets soon as well as other sci-fi environments and nuanced sound-sets exploring the incredible multiverse of Science Fiction sound!  We hope you enjoy using our sounds as much as we have making them. Thanks for reading!

Licensor: Orbital Emitter
Categories: , , , , , , , , .
Type: Spaceship sound effects / recordings
Specs: 13 files • 20 sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 429.3 MB • Includes metadata
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Orbital Emitter is a New York City based independent sound design collective founded by award winning veteran television editor and life long sci-fi fan, Charlie Eisenhardt.
Charlie comes from a musical background and spent years twisting knobs and programming synthesizers while learning audio production at various recording studios around New York City. When he shifted to editing tv shows and :30 second tv spots, he incorporated his audio sensibilities into all his projects. After winning numerous industry awards and still going strong 25+ years on, Charlie’s client base stretches from coast to coast.
Somewhere is those years, Charlie’s love for audio collided with his love of sci-fi… “I am always walking around recording stuff,” he muses. It can be fan-noise in a production studio or a bus with engine trouble… I’m always recording things in the weirdest places!”
Charlie started Orbital Emitter to produce unique, diverse and imaginative science fiction sound effects based on genre-based themes commonly found in sci-fi multimedia. In other words, if your post-production team has to sound design the interior of a large space cruiser, what would be some of the common sound environments found in such a vessel? The script might call for a command center, maybe a hangar bay, a medical department as well as cargo areas and more. Charlie’s vision as Orbital Emitter is to create cohesive sound-sets representing those environments as well as other exciting subjects and themes found in sci-fi!
Taking inspiration from decades of pop culture sci-fi, the sky is the limit with our sound-sets. If there is a niche to explore, then we are probably already sound designing it!
And we approach our sound design around the simple premise that great sound supports great ideas -we strive to make our sci-fi sounds feel real. All of our sounds should seem like they were recorded in the future and brought back to the now -with the grit and integrity of today’s real world sounds!
One of our goals is to help creative people teleport their audiences to the stars and beyond with our specialized, fun to use sound-sets!

We hope you will enjoy using our sounds in your productions and please watch for more titles to be released soon!