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Squeaky Toys

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Looking for funny, squeaky sound effects? This library by George Hufnagl delivers them by the bucket: Whether it’s a rubber bone, cloth dog, or a giant flamingo, over 16 Minutes of squawks, honks and wheezes await your squeaky, sound effects needs. Squeezed, shaken, and stomped, all 190 stereo files include metadata at 96kHz, 24bit recording quality.

Here are some of the squeaky, squealy toys included:
Cloth Lobster Claw • Cloth dog • Compressed Fire Hose • Diamond Ring • Rubber Ball • Rubber Bone • Rubber Chicken • Rubber Dog • Rubber Flamingo • Rubber Frog • Rubber Legs • Rubber Pig • Rubber bone • Rubber giraffe • Tennis Ball • Tiny Tennis Ball • Wiggly Ball

Licensor: Sounds Like George
Categories: , .
Type: Squeaky toy sound effects / recordings
Specs: 190 files • 300+ sounds • 24 bit / 96kHz • 540 MB
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
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Full sound effects list for Squeaky Toys:

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1 review

  1. Daniel Berke

    Anyone who’s played with a squeaky toy knows that you can get a surprisingly wide variety of sounds out of them depending on how you manipulate them, and George Hufnagl has got the fine art of torturing pets’ toys down to a T. Listening to it for the first time I found myself with a huge grin on my face as I listened to the protests of the nineteen different toys sampled for this library. If you need comedic squeaks, this collection has you covered.

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