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Home Sound Effects Spring Reverb

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Spring Reverb

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This library features recordings created using a “Knas Ekdahl Moisturizer”, a boutique spring reverb effects unit where three reverb springs are exposed, allowing them to be hit, played, and manipulated in real time.

The unit also includes a multi-mode analog filter, and when combined with the playability of the springs, opens up many sound creation options.

The result is a unique sound effect library of massive metallic hits, clangs, scrapes, plucks, bounces, and rattles. The springs were played like a percussion instrument, using a collection of found objects, such as hammers, mallets, allen wrenches, forks, and plastic / metal rods. The springs were also stretched to alter the pitch, and objects were placed on the springs, much like a prepared piano, to alter the sound.

No other effects were applied other than the built-in multimode filter (high pass, low pass, band pass, and resonance) on certain sounds. These include sub-sonic hits, sweeping filtered metallic scrapes, and drones that round out the collection.

Licensor: New Sound Lab
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Type: Spring Reverb sound effects / recordings
Specs: 100 files • 922 sounds • 24bit/192kHz, Broadcast Wave • 3.1GB
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High-end outboard gear was used to capture the sounds in pristine high resolution quality. The output of the spring reverb was recorded DI to a Neve 1073 preamp, to a Apogee Rosetta 800 A/D converter and then into Pro Tools HD at 24bit, 192khz.

All sounds in this release are offered in 24bit 192khz Broadcast Wave format, and are organized and tagged with metadata, compatible with Pro Tools, Audiofinder, Soundminer and other sound library management software.


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