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Home Sound Effects SPØKES: All-Road Drum Kit

SPØKES: All-Road Drum Kit


100% bike sounds, 100% not what you think.

So, this pack happened sort of on a whim. Armed with a new field recorder and eager to test its capabilities I recorded some sounds my bike makes. I quickly found that these little samples had a lot of potential and immediately started manipulating, layering, and mangling them into a fully fledged drum kit. This kit covers everything from seat-smacks turned 808s, spoke flicks turned snare drums, and freewheel hubs turned hi-hats.

So here it is, “SPØKES”, a super off-the wall drum kit that is 100% original, 100% bike sounds, yet 100% musical at the same time. This kit was a blast to make and I hope you’ll be having just as much fun using it in your productions.

What’s included?

  • 86 percussive one-shot samples @ 24 Bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files, 5mb total
    • 8x Kick
    • 13x Snare
    • 18x Hi-Hat
    • 4x 808
    • 43x Percussion

Important: These are not the kind of bicycle sound effects you’d want if you’re looking add believable sound to a bike onscreen. This is a set of samples specifically targeted at music makers and as source for more experimental sound design.

Licensor: : BØLT Categories: , .
Type: bicycle sound effects / recordings
Specs: 86 sounds • 86 files • 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz • 5 mb • Not metatagged
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Full sound effects list for SPØKES: All-Road Drum Kit:

BOLT – 808 hardtail C.wav
BOLT – 808 lo rida C.wav
BOLT – 808 seat bonk C.wav
BOLT – 808 seat thump C.wav
BOLT – hat big flywheel 1.wav
BOLT – hat big flywheel 2.wav
BOLT – hat flywheel 1.wav
BOLT – hat flywheel 2.wav
BOLT – hat flywheel go brrr lo.wav
BOLT – hat flywheel go brrr.wav
BOLT – hat flywheel lo 1.wav
BOLT – hat flywheel lo 2.wav
BOLT – hat flywheel slop lo.wav
BOLT – hat flywheel slop.wav
BOLT – hat hifi flywheel.wav
BOLT – hat lofi flywheel.wav
BOLT – hat trap flywheel 1.wav
BOLT – hat trap flywheel 2.wav
BOLT – hat velcro 1.wav
BOLT – hat velcro 2.wav
BOLT – hat velcro click hi.wav
BOLT – hat velcro click lo.wav
BOLT – kick buttkickr.wav
BOLT – kick cheapo.wav
BOLT – kick dumbthumping.wav
BOLT – kick martial.wav
BOLT – kick roomy.wav
BOLT – kick seat bump D.wav
BOLT – kick seat or linn huh.wav
BOLT – kick thocc.wav
BOLT – perc bag punch.wav
BOLT – perc bag snap.wav
BOLT – perc bag sounds 1.wav
BOLT – perc bag sounds 2.wav
BOLT – perc bag sounds 3.wav
BOLT – perc bag sounds 4.wav
BOLT – perc bag sounds 5.wav
BOLT – perc bag sounds 6.wav
BOLT – perc brake clang lo.wav
BOLT – perc brake clang long.wav
BOLT – perc brake clang.wav
BOLT – perc carbom.wav
BOLT – perc carbomz.wav
BOLT – perc carbomzszs.wav
BOLT – perc carbomzzz.wav
BOLT – perc carbon bongo.wav
BOLT – perc carbon snap.wav
BOLT – perc flywheel guiro 1.wav
BOLT – perc flywheel guiro 2.wav
BOLT – perc flywheel guiro 3.wav
BOLT – perc flywheel guiro 4.wav
BOLT – perc flywheel guiro tap.wav
BOLT – perc hollow 1.wav
BOLT – perc hollow 2.wav
BOLT – perc melodic spoke C.wav
BOLT – perc rando click.wav
BOLT – perc ratchet stomp.wav
BOLT – perc seat bongo 1.wav
BOLT – perc seat bongo 2.wav
BOLT – perc seat bonk.wav
BOLT – perc seat donk.wav
BOLT – perc shift down.wav
BOLT – perc spoke pluck.wav
BOLT – perc tire guiro 1.wav
BOLT – perc tire guiro 2.wav
BOLT – perc tire guiro tap 1.wav
BOLT – perc tire guiro tap 2.wav
BOLT – perc velcro rando.wav
BOLT – perc velcro shaker 1.wav
BOLT – perc velcro shaker 2.wav
BOLT – perc velcro shaker 3.wav
BOLT – perc velcro shaker 4.wav
BOLT – snare bing.wav
BOLT – snare cabron fibre.wav
BOLT – snare carbon clang.wav
BOLT – snare carbon clap loose.wav
BOLT – snare carbon click 1.wav
BOLT – snare carbon click 2.wav
BOLT – snare carbon click 3.wav
BOLT – snare droppedsomething.wav
BOLT – snare fling.wav
BOLT – snare loose spoke.wav
BOLT – snare thrash.wav
BOLT – snare tool binwav
BOLT – snare tubeless.wav
BOLT – tight spoke C.wav


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Hi there! I’m Chris, aka. BØLT. I’ve been recording sounds of all kinds since I was 11 years old and my passion for all things audio has only gotten stronger since then.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been making waves in the music producer community with the dozens of sample libraries I created that have been downloaded over 10,000 times around the globe. Now expanding my focus towards sound design for linear and interactive media, I’m channeling nearly 20 years of recording experience into creating SFX libraries ranging from source to designed that will help you elevate your projects.

My playable libraries have become known for featuring an exhaustive array of sampler, DAW, and hardware patch formats alongside a very affordable price tag; Making these sounds accessible to large group of creatives.