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Home Sound Effects Spirit of Sound Effects: Winds Volume 1

Spirit of Sound Effects: Winds Volume 1


Recorded in many different locations in at least 4 states over 36 years, I present you a very large (11.97GB) and thorough collection of winds.  It is my aim that this be “one-stop-shopping” for you as there is so much and so varied.

Licensor: : Unity Gain Sound Categories: , , .
Type: Wind sound effects / recordings
Specs: 57 sounds • 60 files • 32 Bit / 96 kHz • 11.97 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 216 minutes total
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Recorded mostly in the Southwestern US with some in Minnesota, this collection spans from back in the Nagra lV-S days (mid 80s) all the way to present day 96kHz 32-bit floating point. Here you have various winds through chicken wire (“desert” wind) to many different types of trees to inside a Huey helicopter’s wreckage as well as forests of both pine and leafy in addition wind through a barely standing shack interior with much character, bangs and squeaks. That’s the short list; there are 57 effects in all. Seven represent a grouping of usually 3: a calm, medium and strong. All painstakingly remastered – lots of bird removal(!) – so that it’s exactly what the names say and nothing else.

Recorded with too many microphones to list here; Soundminer meta-data as well as an Excel spreadsheet included.  Running time: 3 hours 36 minutes; 57 files.

See here for spreadsheet of contents.


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