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Space Drones


Do you need some drones inspired by space? Space Drones is a pack inspired by different solar objects. It contains 17 perfectly looping files, each with their unique spacey texture. The loops are based on solar system objects, interstellar phenomenon and human mission control transmissions. The sounds are fictional but are based in part on real sound transmissions from space to give it some realism.

Features sounds such as:

Aurora Borealis – Flutter, Wooshing, Magical
Black Hole – Heavy, Supermassive, Bass, Pumping
Jupiter – Massive, Heavy Wind, Big
Mars – Desolate, Wind, Sand
Mercury – Solar Wind, Eruption, Pulsating
Neptune – Superfast Winds, Howling
Saturn – Creepy, Radio Waves, Waves
Solar Oscilations – Sustained Note Drone, Radio Waves
Space Chatter 1 – Radio, Mission Control
Space Chatter 2 – Radio, Mission Control
Space Chatter 3 – Radio, Mission Control
Space Chatter 4 – Radio, Mission Control
Space Chatter Deep Space – Radio, Mission Control, Hazy
Space Chatter Garbled – Radio, Mission Control, Garbled
Sun Close Up – Star, Boiling, Massive
Uranus – Crystalized, Diamond Sea, Icy
Venus – Evil, Harsh Winds, Extreme Weather

Licensor: Double Trouble Audio
Categories: , .
Type: Interstellar sound effects / recordings
Specs: 17 files • 17+ sounds • 24 bit / 44 kHz • 550 MB
Approx. 36 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
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Full sound effects list for Space Drones:

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