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Home Sound Effects Sounds of the Modern Hospital

Sounds of the Modern Hospital

(1 customer review)


Get the sounds of a real, modern-day hospital – the equipment as well as various locations. These are recordings that are not easy to access and took a lot of negotiation to capture.

Features recordings of hospital equipment / instruments such as:

Anaesthetic Machine • Automated Instrument Rinse System • Beckman Coulter Access 2 Analyzer • CT Scanner • Cardiac Monitor • Coagulation Analyzer • Dialysis Machine • Dialysis Machine • Draeger Oxylog 3000 Plus • Full Blood Count Analyzer • Geiger Counter (Berthold LB 124) • Haemoglobin A1C Analyzer • Heater Fan • Helium Cooler For MRI Scanner • Infusion Pump (Alaris Plus) • Lee Silverman Voice Treatment • METI HPS Mannequin • METI Human Patient Simulator • METI Human Patient Simulator • MRI Scanner • Ophthalmology • Orthopantomograph OP 2000 • Phacoemulsifier • Pharmacy Label Printer • SimMan Essential Mannequin • Sysmex SP1000i Automated Slide Maker • Ultrasound Scanner • Wall Mounted Suction Unit

As well as location recordings from the Robotic Pharmacy, an AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle), the Operating Theatre and the Automated Mailroom (OPEX Mail Matrix).

Licensor: Mark Vernon
Categories: , , .
Type: Hospital equipment sound effects / recordings
Specs: 31 files • 31 sounds • 16 bit / 48 kHz • 402 MB
Approx. 41 minutes total
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The sound recordings you will hear in Sounds of the Modern Hospital were made in a real, working hospital – not under controlled conditions. Therefore, on occasion, you may hear some background noise, conversations and other unintentional sounds. Every effort has been made to record the subject in as great a degree of isolation as possible in any given situation.


Full sound effects list for Sounds of the Modern Hospital:

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1 review

  1. Michael

    Recording quality: 5/5
    Metadata: 1/5
    Price: Very Affordable

    There are lots of unique and well recorded sounds within this library that are excellent for adding authenticity to hospital scenes, or for simply sweetening other robots with beeps and mechanical sounds.
    However, the metadata is practically nonexistent. The names of the equipment is very detailed in the filename, but the other fields include no additional information (the keyword field is just the filename duplicated). So now I’ve got to spend twenty minutes or so just adding metadata to this library. Simple terms like “beep” are missing from the filename. This library could be much more useable if it had the metadata fleshed out before release.
    Otherwise, it’s a great library.

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