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Sounds of Hong Kong



Recorded in Hong Kong months prior to the unrest and turmoil in the region. This pack explores various areas in Hong Kong from the ladies’ market and “Ten Thousand Buddha Temple” in Kowloon District to the popular fishing villages and stunning scenery of Sai Kung District, to the Dragons Back mountain and wilderness trails in the Southern District

Features Buddhist chants and rituals from the “Ten Thousand Buddha Temple”, urban and city atmospheres, and landscape ambient recordings this pack showcases how varied and unpredictable Hong Kong is. Includes 13 with UCS metadata.


Licensor: : The Ambient Tour Categories: , , , .
Type: Trains sound effects / recordings
Specs: 13 sounds • 13 files • 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz • 120 MB • Not metatagged
Approx. 9 minutes total
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A passion project by AAA sound designer Warren Rousseau in his effort to capture the unique sounds and landscapes throughout his time living in China and Asia.