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Home Sound Effects Sounds of Europe 1 – Busy Places

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Sounds of Europe 1 – Busy Places

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Ambient Backgrounds recorded in various European Cities. These are the kind of sounds that are required for practically every modern TV show or movie, and some video games – e.g. Cafés, train stations, lobbies, churches, bars, public spaces etc., but all with a European flavour.

Indistinct walla and background voices that could be used for any city, including some tracks with recognisable European language dialogue (e.g. English, French, Italian, German and Czech.) All of this is catalogued in the tracklisting so there are no surprises.

The library features recordings from cities such as London, Venice, Prague, Vienna and Annecy, France.  Real world sounds with no reverb or other fake effects applied! They have been painstakingly edited, EQ’d and mastered to avoid unwanted sounds and loud annoying spikes in level and frequency that would otherwise mess up your workflow.

New related volume coming soon….!

Licensor: resonant
Categories: , , , .
Type: European Ambience sound effects / recordings
Specs: 33 files • 33+ sounds • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 3.71 GB / 1.83 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 105 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Single user, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here

These sounds have been made with Film/TV Sound Editors and mixers in mind – so they won’t just sit on your hard drive gathering virtual ‘dust’, but I’m sure you’ll use them often!

Edited, mixed and mastered using the following Waves plugins: HEQ, Kramer Pie Compressor and L1 Limiter.

Annecy France, Children’s Playground, kids play includes Fence rattles and French voices (2:29)
Annecy France, Ext Church Noisy Crowd Chatter after Sunday mass. Mostly indistinct voices, some obvious French. (2:32)
Annecy France, Lively Cafe in Train station. Some obvious French words and accents. (3:49)
Annecy France, Market 1 includes sounds of closing down stalls. Some obvious French words. (2:03)
Annecy France, Market 2, different perspective,occasional French words. (3:09)
London Charing X Train Station Atmos with English Announcements and indistinct background voices. (4:20)
London Charing X Train Station Atmos no Announcements, indistinct voices. (2:09)
London National Gallery Lobby Atmos, indistinct voices. (4:43)
London St James’s Park Atmos, birds and chatter, various languages. (4:50)
London Waterloo Train Station Atmos with English Announcements and indistinct background chat. (5:28)
London Waterloo Train Station Atmos without announcements, indistinct voices. (2:54)
Prague Charles Bridge Crowd Chatter, people walk and talk past, various languages. (4:03)
Prague Ext Bar Mala Strana Under Arches – Echoey indistinct voices and tram passing. (1:38)
Prague Indoor Shopping Arcade Loop – Recorded from 1st floor, indistinct voices. (3:41)
Prague Lively Bar Int Mala Strana, indistinct voices. (4:39)
Prague main Train Station Announcement bell. (0:05)
Prague main Train Station Atmos without Announcements, indistinct voices. (1:04)
Prague main Train Station Atmos Old Building Echoey, indistinct voices. (4:12)
Prague main Train Station Atmos with Announcements in Czech and English (3:40)
Prague Old Town Square Ambience, indistinct voices. (3:36)
Prague Palladium Shopping Centre, indistinct voices. (3:23)
Prague Palladium Shopping Centre 2, different perspective, indistinct voices. (3:01)
Prague Small Park Ambience with nice slap delay, indistinct voices. (2:51)
Venice Busy Backstreet from above, indistinct voices and some Czech. (5:12)
Venice Busy Backstreet, some Italian voices. (2:45)
Venice San Marco Square, crowd chat, shouts and some dog barks. (3:45)
Vienna Coffeehouse 1, occasional German voice. (3:39)
Vienna Coffeehouse 2, Café Diglas, indistinct voices. (4:28)
Vienna Hauptbahnhof Station indistinct voices and some Czech. (3:41)
Vienna Hofburg Palace Dome Exterior echoey, lively ambience. Indistinct voices. (3:56)
Vienna Stephansdom Crowd Shuffle, Chatter – Interior Cathedral Indistinct voices. (0:45)
Vienna Stephansdom Distant Bells and Organ music before mass. (0:55)
Vienna Stephansdom Distant Mass and Crowd Shuffle, Chatter. Indistinct voices. (1:55)
TOTAL LENGTH (1:45:33):



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Prague based Sound Designer with many years experience making sound for Film/TV/Video Games/Podcasts and the interwebs. Credits include Battlefield, 3 Harry Potter games and 3 Assassin’s Creed games plus many more.