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Home Sound Effects Soldiers Voicepack

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Soldiers Voicepack

$15 $9.95

Put yourself right there in the trenches with this huge soundpack of war-themed voices. High quality audio and top voice acting talent means that every sample is locked, loaded, and ready for use in your project.

Featuring orders, shouts, screams, squad communications, grunts and more. Combine them together for a battlefield soundscape like no other.

Licensor: Fusehive
Categories: , , .
Type: Soldier Voice sound effects / recordings
Specs: 696 files • 348 sounds • 16 bit / 44 kHz • Not metatagged • 140mb
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
1.Answer-Shout-Yes Corporal (0:01)
2.Answer-Shout-Yes Sargent (0:01)
3.Call-Cheerful-Alpha Company Reporting (0:02)
4.Call-Cheerful-Bravo Company Reporting (0:02)
5.Call-Cheerful-Charlie Company Reporting (0:02)
6.Call-Cheerful-Delta Company Reporting (0:02)
7.Call-Cheerful-Echo Company Reporting (0:02)
8.Call-Loud-Alpha Company 01 (0:01)
9.Call-Loud-Alpha Company 02 (0:01)
10.Call-Loud-Alpha Company Reporting 01 (0:01)
11.Call-Loud-Alpha Company Reporting 02 (0:01)
12.Call-Loud-Alpha Company Reporting 03 (0:01)
13.Call-Loud-Bravo Company 01 (0:01)
14.Call-Loud-Bravo Company 02 (0:01)
15.Call-Loud-Bravo Company Reporting (0:02)
16.Call-Loud-Charlie Company 01 (0:01)
17.Call-Loud-Charlie Company 02 (0:01)
18.Call-Loud-Charlie Company Reporting (0:02)
19.Call-Loud-Delta Company 01 (0:01)
20.Call-Loud-Delta Company 02 (0:01)
21.Call-Loud-Delta Company Reporting (0:01)
22.Call-Loud-Echo Company 01 (0:01)
23.Call-Loud-Echo Company 02 (0:01)
24.Call-Loud-Echo Company Reporting (0:01)
26.Call-Loud-This Is Alpha Company 01 (0:01)
27.Call-Loud-This Is Alpha Company 02 (0:01)
28.Call-Soft-Alpha Company Reporting (0:01)
29.Call-Soft-Bravo Company Reporting (0:01)
30.Call-Soft-Charlie Company Reporting (0:01)
31.Call-Soft-Delta Company Reporting (0:01)
32.Call-Soft-Echo Company Reporting (0:01)
33.Cheer-Crazy-Rock N Roll (0:01)
34.Cheer-Crazy-Yeeee Haww (0:02)
35.Cheer-Loud-Oorah 01
36.Cheer-Loud-Oorah 02
37.Conversation-Relaxed-All Right Soldier (0:01)
38.Conversation-Soft-Remember Your Training 01 (0:02)
39.Conversation-Soft-Remember Your Training 02 (0:02)
40.Conversation-Soft-Remember Your Training 03 (0:02)
41.Cry-Angry-Die You Bastards (0:02)
42.Cry-Angry-Get Em You Bastards (0:02)
43.Cry-Angry-I Kill You All (0:01)
44.Cry-Angry-Surrender (0:01)
45.Cry-Angry-Surrender Now (0:01)
46.Cry-Angry-Surrender Now Or Die (0:02)
47.Cry-Crazy-Die You Fuckers (0:02)
48.Fear-Crazy-Theyre All Around Us (0:01)
49.Fear-Crazy-Theyre Everywhere 01 (0:01)
50.Fear-Crazy-Theyre Everywhere 02 (0:01)
51.Fear-Crazy-Theyre Everywhere 03 (0:01)
52.Fear-Crazy-This Is Bad Not Gonna Make It (0:04)
53.Nineteen Hundred Hours (0:01)
54.Oders-Shout-On Your Feet Lilly Livered Snuggle Smasher (0:02)
55.Oders-Shout-Put Your Weapons Down (0:01)
56.Oders-Shout-Put Your Weapons Down 02 (0:02)
57.Oders-Shout-Remember Your Training 01 (0:03)
58.Oders-Shout-Remember Your Training 02 (0:04)
59.Oders-Shout-Remember Your Training 03 (0:03)
60.Order-Angry Behind
61.Order-Angry-Right There
62.Orders-Angry-Do Your Duty (0:01)
63.Orders-Calm-Lets Bring It
64.Orders-Crazy-Son Youve Gotta Go (0:01)
65.Orders-Flat Onward
68.Order-Shout-Get In To Cover 01 (0:01)
69.Order-Shout-Get In To Cover 02 (0:01)
70.Order-Shout-Into Your Fox Holes (0:01)
71.Order-Shout-Take Cover (0:01)
73.Orders-Loud-Come On We Gotta Get Outta Here (0:01)
74.Orders-Loud-Fight To The Last Man (0:01)
75.Orders-Loud-Fox Five (0:01)
77.Orders-Loud-Go Go Go
78.Orders-Loud-Go On Without Me (0:01)
79.Orders-Loud-Help Me (0:01)
80.Orders-Loud-Help Me Son (0:01)
81.Orders-Loud-I Repeat (0:01)
82.Orders-Loud-Keep Fighting Boys (0:01)
83.Orders-Loud-Keep Fighting Men (0:01)
84.Orders-Loud-Never Give Up
85.Orders-Loud-Put Your Hands In The Air
86.Orders-Loud-Put Your Hands In The Air 02
87.Orders-Loud-Put Your Weapons On The Ground (0:02)
88.Orders-Loud-Put Your Weapons On The Ground 02
89.Orders-Loud-Stand And Fight
90.Orders-Loud-Step Away From The Vehicle
91.Orders-Loud-Step Away From The Vehicle 02
93.Order-Soft Find Some Cover
94.Order-Soft Get In Behind Cover
95.Order-Soft Take Cover (0:01)
96.Orders-Serious-Dont Give Up
98.Orders-Shout-Attack 02
100.Orders-Shout-Fight Til The Last Man
101.Orders-Shout-Forward 01
102.Orders-Shout-Forward 02
103.Orders-Shout-Go On Without Me 01
104.Orders-Shout-Go On Without Me 02
105.Orders-Shout-Go On Without Me 03
106.Orders-Shout-GoGoGo 02
107.Orders-Shout-Keep On At It Soldier (0:01)
108.Orders-Shout-Keep Your Head On
109.Orders-Shout-Lock And Load
110.Orders-Shout-Move In For The Kill
111.Orders-Shout-Move Move Move (0:02)
112.Orders-Shout-On The Ground Give Me Fifty 01
113.Orders-Shout-On The Ground Give Me Fifty 02
114.Orders-Shout-On The Ground Give Me Fifty 03
115.Orders-Shout-On The Ground Give Me Ten
116.Orders-Shout-On Your Knees Give Me Ten
117.Orders-Shout-Onward (0:01)
118.Orders-Shout-Put Your Hands In The Air
119.Orders-Shout-Put Your Hands In The Air 02 (0:01)
120.Orders-Shout-Put Your Hands In The Air 03
121.Orders-Shout-Put Your Hands Up (0:01)
122.Orders-Shout-Save Yourself 01
123.Orders-Shout-Save Yourself 02
124.Orders-Shout-Show No Mercy 01
125.Orders-Shout-Show No Mercy 02
126.Orders-Shout-Shut Up
127.Orders-Shout-Stand And Fight (0:01)
128.Orders-Shout-Stand Your Ground
129.Orders-Shout-Stand Your Ground Soldier
130.Orders-Shout-Step Away From The Vehicle
131.Orders-Shout-Step Away From The Vehicle 02
133.Orders-Shout-Stop 02
134.Orders-Shout-Stop Right There
135.Orders-Shout-Stop Right There 02
136.Orders-Shout-Ten Hut
137.Orders-Shout-Weapons At The Ready
138.Orders-Shout-Youve Gotta Go On
139.Orders-Soft-Fight To The Last Man
141.Orders-Soft-Get Ready To Charge
142.Orders-Soft-Go Go Go
143.Orders-soft-Go On Without Me
144.Orders-Soft-Lets Go
145.Orders-Soft-Lets Show These Bastards What Were Made Of (0:02)
146.Orders-Soft-Move In
147.Orders-Soft-On My Mark 01
148.Orders-Soft-On My Mark 02
150.Orders-Soft-Stand Down 01
151.Orders-Soft-Stand Down 02
153.Orders-Soft-Weapons Ready
154.Rally-Shout-American Style
155.Rally-Shout-American Way
156.Rally-Shout-Bring The Pain
157.Rally-Shout-Bring The Pain 02
158.Rally-Shout-Come On 01
159.Rally-Shout-Come On 02
160.Rally-Shout-Give Em Hell
161.Rally-Shout-How Its Done
162.Rally-Shout-Lets Bring It
163.Rally-Shout-Lets Burn It Up
164.Rally-Shout-Lets Burn It Up 02
165.Rally-Shout-Show These Bastards
166.Rally-Shout-Thats It Boys
167.Rally-Shout-This Is It
168.Rally-Shout-This Is What You Are Here For
169.Rally-Shout-Weve Got Em
170.Rally-Shout-Weve Got Em Surrounded
171.Rally-Shout-Weve Got Em Surrounded 02
172.Rally-Shout-Weve Got Em Surrounded 03
173.Reaction-Cheer-Yeah 01 (0:01)
174.Reaction-Cheer-Yeah 02
175.Reaction-Cheer-Yeah 03
176.Reaction-Cheer-Yeah 04
177.Reaction-Cheer-Yeah 05
178.Reaction-Cheer-Yeah 06
179.Reaction-Cheer-Yeah 07
180.Reaction-Crazy-I Aint Gonna Leave You Here
181.Reaction-Crazy-Its All Going To Hell 01
182.Reaction-Crazy-Its All Going To Hell 02
183.Reaction-Crazy-No I Wont Leave You
184.Reaction-Crazy-We Gotta Get Outta Here 01
185.Reaction-Crazy-We Gotta Get Outta Here 02
186.Reaction-Flat-Thats A Splashdown
187.Reaction-Flat-Theyre All Around Us (0:01)
188.Reaction-Flat-Theyre Everywhere
190.Reaction-Shock-I Cant Believe It
191.Reaction-Shock-This Is All Going To Hell
192.Reaction-Shout Shit 05
193.Reaction-Shout-Noooo 01
194.Reaction-Shout-Noooo 02
195.Reaction-Shout-Noooo 03
196.Reaction-Shout-Noooo 04
197.Reaction-Shout-Noooo 05
198.Reaction-Shout-Noooo 06
199.Reaction-Shout-Noooo 07 (0:02)
200.Reaction-Shout-Noooo 08
201.Reaction-Shout-Shit 03
202.Reaction-Shout-Shit 04
203.Reaction-Shout-Shit 06
204.Reaction-Shout-What Did You Say
205.Reaction-Soft-Down There
206.Reaction-Soft-Enemy Activity 01
207.Reaction-Soft-Enemy Activity 02 (0:01)
208.Reaction-Soft-Enemy Spotted (0:01)
209.Reaction-Soft-On The Ground (0:01)
210.Reaction-Soft-Over There 01 (0:01)
211.Reaction-Soft-Over There 02 (0:01)
212.Reaction-Soft-Sniper Spotted (0:01)
213.Reaction-Soft-Splash One (0:01)
214.Reaction-Soft-Theres A Sniper (0:01)
215.Reaction-Soft-Up There (0:01)
216.Reaction-Swear-Shit 01 (0:01)
217.Reaction-Swear-Shit 02 (0:01)
218.Response Loud-Alpha Company (0:01)
219.Response Loud-Charlie Company (0:01)
220.Response Loud-Delta Company (0:01)
221.Response Loud-Echo Company (0:01)
222.Response-Cheerful-Hell Yeah (0:01)
223.Response-Cheerful-Oh Yeah (0:01)
224.Response-Fear-No 01
225.Response-Fear-No 02
226.Response-Flat OK
227.Response-Flat-Bogey Is Down (0:02)
228.Response-Flat-Bogey Is Down 02 (0:01)
230.Response-Flat-Thats A Negative (0:01)
231.Response-Flat-Yes 01
232.Response-Flat-Yes 02
233.Response-Flat-Yes 03
234.Response-Happy-Thats How Its Done (0:01)
236.Response-Loud-Bravo Company (0:01)
238.Response-Loud-No Sir
240.Response-Loud-Reporting For Duty (0:02)
242.Response-Loud-Weve Got Em Surrounded (0:01)
243.Response-Loud-Yes Sir 01
244.Response-Loud-Yes Sir 02
246.Response-Shout-Lock And Load
247.Response-Shout-Lock And Load 02
248.Response-Shout-Lock And Load 03
249.Response-Shout-No Sir 01
250.Response-Shout-No Sir 02
252.Response-Shout-Sir Yes Sir 01
253.Response-Shout-Sir Yes Sir 02
254.Response-Shout-Sir Yes Sir 03
255.Response-Shout-Yes Sergent
256.Response-Soft-No Sir
257.Response-Soft-Ready To Rock And Roll
258.Response-Soft-Standing Down
259.Response-Soft-Weapons Going Hot
260.Response-Soft-Yes Sir 01
261.Response-Soft-Yes Sir 02
262.Shout-Angry-Were Not Gonna Make It
263.Shout-Crazy-Help 01
264.Shout-Crazy-Help 02
265.Shout-Crazy-Help 03
266.Shout-Crazy-Help 04
267.Shout-Crazy-Help 05
268.Shout-Crazy-Help 06
269.Shout-Crazy-Were Not Gonna Make It 01
270.Shout-Crazy-Were Not Gonna Make It 02
271.Shout-Excited-Lets Bring The Pain
272.Shout-Excited-Were All Bringing Them Hell
273.Talk-Angry Lets Take Em Out
274.Talk-Angry-Lets Get Those Bastards
275.Talk-Angry-Lets Get Those Bastards Now
276.Talk-Angry-Time To Take Out The Trash
277.Talk-Angry-Time To Take Out The Trash 02
278.Talk-Angry-Time To Take Them Down
279.Talk-Soft-Take Them Down
280.Talk-Soft-Were Not Gonna Make It
281.Taunt-Excited-See You In Hell
282.Taunt-Shout-Get Some
283.Taunt-Shout-Get Some 03
284.Taunt-Shout-Get-Some 02
285.Taunt-Shout-See You In Hell
286.Taunt-Shout-See You In Hell 02
287.Taunt-Soft-Bring The Pain
288.Taunt-Soft-Come Get Some
289.Taunt-Soft-Come Get Some 02
290.Time-Soft-0 Eight Hundred
291.Time-Soft-0 Eight Hundred Hours 01
292.Time-Soft-0 Eight Hundred Hours 02
293.Time-Soft-0 Five Hundred
294.Time-Soft-0 Five Hundred Hours 01
295.Time-Soft-0 Five Hundred Hours 02
296.Time-Soft-0 Four Hundred
297.Time-Soft-0 Four Hundred Hours 01
298.Time-Soft-0 Four Hundred Hours 02
299.Time-Soft-0 Nine Hundred
300.Time-Soft-0 Nine Hundred Hours
301.Time-Soft-0 One Hundred
302.Time-Soft-0 One Hundred Hours 01
303.Time-Soft-0 One Hundred Hours 02
304.Time-Soft-0 Seven Hundred
305.Time-Soft-0 Seven Hundred Hours
306.Time-Soft-0 Six Hundred
307.Time-Soft-0 Six Hundred Hours 01
308.Time-Soft-0 Six Hundred Hours 02
309.Time-Soft-0 Three Hundred
310.Time-Soft-0 Three Hundred Hours 01
311.Time-Soft-0 Three Hundred Hours 02
312.Time-Soft-0 Two Hundred
313.Time-Soft-0 Two Hundred Hours 01
314.Time-Soft-0 Two Hundred Hours 02
315.Time-Soft-Eighteen Hundred
316.Time-Soft-Eighteen Hundred Hours
317.Time-Soft-Eleven Hundred
318.Time-Soft-Eleven Hundred Hours
319.Time-Soft-Fifteen Hundred
320.Time-Soft-Fifteen Hundred Hours
321.Time-Soft-Fourteen Hundred
322.Time-Soft-Fourteen Hundred Hours
323.Time-Soft-Nineteen Hundred
324.Time-Soft-Seventeen Hundred
325.Time-Soft-Seventeen Hundred Hours
326.Time-Soft-Sixteen Hundred
327.Time-Soft-Sixteen Hundred Hours
328.Time-Soft-Ten Hundred
329.Time-Soft-Ten Hundred Hours
330.Time-Soft-Thirteen Hundred
331.Time-Soft-Thirteen Hundred Hours
332.Time-Soft-Twelve Hundred
333.Time-Soft-Twelve Hundred Hours 01
334.Time-Soft-Twelve Hundred Hours 02
335.Time-Soft-Twenty Hundred
336.Time-Soft-Twenty Hundred Hours
337.Time-Soft-Twentyone Hundred
338.Time-Soft-Twentyone Hundred Hours
339.Time-Soft-Twentythree Hundred
340.Time-Soft-Twentythree Hundred Hours
341.Time-Soft-Twentytwo Hundred
342.Time-Soft-Twentytwo Hundred Hours
343.Time-Soft-Zero Hundred
344.Time-Soft-Zero Hundred Hours
346.Time-Soft-Zulu Hours
347.Time-Soft-Zulu Time
348.Time-Soft-Zulu Time 02


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