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Home Sound Effects Soldier Footsteps

Soldier Footsteps


This footstep collection features professionally recorded Soldier footsteps (in army wear and boots) on 8 different surface types:

Concrete (asphalt or stone), wood, water, metal surfaces, ground, grass, gravel, snow.

These footsteps are created for soldier movement and contain weapon or ammo packs rattle.

Each surface type includes the following footstep sounds: Walking, running, stealthy crouched movement.

Each movement type contents five separated footstep sounds (one footstep per wav-file).

Licensor: Iberian Sounds
Categories: , , .
Type: Soldier footstep sound effects / recordings
Specs: 120 files • 120 sounds • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 45.6 MB
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
FS Concrete Soldier Crouch N01
FS Concrete Soldier Crouch N02
FS Concrete Soldier Crouch N03
FS Concrete Soldier Crouch N04
FS Concrete Soldier Crouch N05
FS Concrete Soldier Walk N01
FS Concrete Soldier Walk N02
FS Concrete Soldier Walk N03
FS Concrete Soldier Walk N04
FS Concrete Soldier Walk N05
FS Concrete Soldier Run N01
FS Concrete Soldier Run N02
FS Concrete Soldier Run N03
FS Concrete Soldier Run N04
FS Concrete Soldier Run N05

FS Wood Soldier Crouch N01
FS Wood Soldier Crouch N02
FS Wood Soldier Crouch N03
FS Wood Soldier Crouch N04
FS Wood Soldier Crouch N05
FS Wood Soldier Walk N01
FS Wood Soldier Walk N02
FS Wood Soldier Walk N03
FS Wood Soldier Walk N04
FS Wood Soldier Walk N05
FS Wood Soldier Run N01
FS Wood Soldier Run N02
FS Wood Soldier Run N03
FS Wood Soldier Run N04
FS Wood Soldier Run N05

FS Water Soldier Crouch N01
FS Water Soldier Crouch N02
FS Water Soldier Crouch N03
FS Water Soldier Crouch N04
FS Water Soldier Crouch N05
FS Water Soldier Walk N01
FS Water Soldier Walk N02
FS Water Soldier Walk N03
FS Water Soldier Walk N04
FS Water Soldier Walk N05
FS Water Soldier Run N01
FS Water Soldier Run N02
FS Water Soldier Run N03
FS Water Soldier Run N04
FS Water Soldier Run N05

FS Metal Soldier Crouch N01
FS Metal Soldier Crouch N02
FS Metal Soldier Crouch N03
FS Metal Soldier Crouch N04
FS Metal Soldier Crouch N05
FS Metal Soldier Walk N01
FS Metal Soldier Walk N02
FS Metal Soldier Walk N03
FS Metal Soldier Walk N04
FS Metal Soldier Walk N05
FS Metal Soldier Run N01
FS Metal Soldier Run N02
FS Metal Soldier Run N03
FS Metal Soldier Run N04
FS Metal Soldier Run N05

FS Ground Soldier Crouch N01
FS Ground Soldier Crouch N02
FS Ground Soldier Crouch N03
FS Ground Soldier Crouch N04
FS Ground Soldier Crouch N05
FS Ground Soldier Walk N01
FS Ground Soldier Walk N02
FS Ground Soldier Walk N03
FS Ground Soldier Walk N04
FS Ground Soldier Walk N05
FS Ground Soldier Run N01
FS Ground Soldier Run N02
FS Ground Soldier Run N03
FS Ground Soldier Run N04
FS Ground Soldier Run N05

FS Grass Soldier Crouch N01
FS Grass Soldier Crouch N02
FS Grass Soldier Crouch N03
FS Grass Soldier Crouch N04
FS Grass Soldier Crouch N05
FS Grass Soldier Walk N01
FS Grass Soldier Walk N02
FS Grass Soldier Walk N03
FS Grass Soldier Walk N04
FS Grass Soldier Walk N05
FS Grass Soldier Run N01
FS Grass Soldier Run N02
FS Grass Soldier Run N03
FS Grass Soldier Run N04
FS Grass Soldier Run N05

FS Gravel Soldier Crouch N01
FS Gravel Soldier Crouch N02
FS Gravel Soldier Crouch N03
FS Gravel Soldier Crouch N04
FS Gravel Soldier Crouch N05
FS Gravel Soldier Walk N01
FS Gravel Soldier Walk N02
FS Gravel Soldier Walk N03
FS Gravel Soldier Walk N04
FS Gravel Soldier Walk N05
FS Gravel Soldier Run N01
FS Gravel Soldier Run N02
FS Gravel Soldier Run N03
FS Gravel Soldier Run N04
FS Gravel Soldier Run N05

FS Snow Soldier Crouch N01
FS Snow Soldier Crouch N02
FS Snow Soldier Crouch N03
FS Snow Soldier Crouch N04
FS Snow Soldier Crouch N05
FS Snow Soldier Walk N01
FS Snow Soldier Walk N02
FS Snow Soldier Walk N03
FS Snow Soldier Walk N04
FS Snow Soldier Walk N05
FS Snow Soldier Run N01
FS Snow Soldier Run N02
FS Snow Soldier Run N03
FS Snow Soldier Run N04
FS Snow Soldier Run N05

The library comes with metadata included in this (xlsx)


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