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Home Sound Effects Skytrain Rapid Transit FX

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Skytrain Rapid Transit FX

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Skytrain Rapid Transit FX is a collection of unique passby’s, overhead POV and onboard sounds recorded at 24bit 96khz both in stereo and mono, giving you maximum flexibility and realism for your projects.

The Vancouver transit system is world renowned and carries millions of residents and visitors on board each year since its beginnings in the 1980’s. The older cars have a particular screech to them, perfect for creative design for monsters or machines, and can compliment any variety of air craft or land transport library.

Licensor: Tall Tale Sound
Categories: , , .
Type: Skytrain sound effects / recordings
Specs: 28 files • 28 sounds • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 524 MB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

These recordings were made using a Sennheiser MKH50 & Ambient ATE208 Emesser, along with Rode NTG3 microphones; this rig was mounted inside both Rycote & Rode windshields and recorded to the Zoom F4 field recorder. During recording, a high pass filter was used at 80hz to reduce any ambient rumble or handling noise.


skytrain approach acceleration 01 (0:36)

skytrain approach acceleration 02 (0:43)

skytrain approach acceleration 03 (0:47)

skytrain approach acceleration 04 (0:55)

skytrain approach acceleration 05 (0:58)

skytrain arriving station 01 (0:21)

skytrain arriving station 02 (0:27)

skytrain departing station 01 (0:18)

skytrain departing station 02 (0:22)

skytrain overhead into tunnel 01 (0:20)

skytrain overhead into tunnel 02 (0:21)

skytrain overhead into tunnel 03 (0:24)

skytrain overhead out of tunnel 01 (0:23)

skytrain overhead out of tunnel 02 (0:20)

skytrain overhead out of tunnel 03 (0:21)

skytrain passby into tunnel 01 (0:24)

skytrain passby into tunnel 02 (0:22)

skytrain passby into tunnel 03 (0:26)

skytrain passby out of tunnel 01 (0:23)

skytrain passby out of tunnel 02 (0:23

skytrain passby out of tunnel 03 (0:21)

skytrain riding onboard at door w announcement (1:53)

skytrain riding onboard at front w announcement (1:19)

skytrain riding onboard at rear w announcement (1:58)

skytrain station arrivals departing (0:19)

skytrain travel at rail 01 (0:21)

skytrain travel at rail 02 (0:15)

skytrain travel at rail 03 (0:15)


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Tall Tale Sound provides depth, realism & imagination through the use of custom recorded sound effects.

All sounds are recorded & mastered at 24bit 96khz with minimal processing unless otherwise stated. Additionally, all sounds have been edited to provide seamless integration within your project and include Pro Tools comment metadata.