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European Sirens is a large collection of 320+ European siren sound effects – captured from ambulances, firefighter trucks and police cars in up to 6 different perspectives.

It features drive-by’s, aways, and arriving sirens shot in different perspectives. In-depth recordings of eight different police sirens, three firefighter sirens and three ambulance sirens are included. All sounds are Soundminer metadata embedded.

Licensor: SoundFuse
Categories: , .
Type: Siren sound effects / recordings
Specs: 327 files • 327 sounds • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 6.06 Gb
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Included sirens:

Police sirens:
Police – Bosch Claxon Dual Tone – 1968-1996
Police – Federal Signal AS250, AS422 – 2008-current
Police – Honac Dual Tone – 1997-2012
Police – Honac Dual Tone – 2009-current
Police – Honac WS2000 Dual Tone – 1985-1996
Police – Whelen WS2000 Dual Tone – 1985-2002
Police Motorcycle – Dual Tone
Police Riot Van – Federal PA200, PA300 Dual Tone – 1990-2007

Firebrigade sirens:
Firefighter Truck – Premier Hazard 7004 Dual Tone – 2001 -current
Firefighter small vehicles – Premier Hazard 7004 Dual Tone – 2001-current
Firefighter Oldtimer – Manual airhorn – 1935

Ambulance sirens:
Ambulance – Whelen WS2000 Triple Tone – 2005-2013
Ambulance – Wandel Goltemann Triple Tone – 1987-2013
Ambulance – Premier Hazard 7004 Triple Tone – 2004-2013

Behind the scenes on Sirens.:

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Full sound list for Sirens.:

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