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Home Sound Effects Sigil – Dark Electro-Acoustic Textures

Sigil – Dark Electro-Acoustic Textures


Sigil is a unique library of dark, gritty, raw, and eerie textures and tones made from one-of-a-kind handmade electro-acoustic instruments and found objects created by sound designer and musician Nathan Moody.

Sigil provides an edgy set of layers that are rich with organic complexity: Skittery bows on handmade string instruments; “prepared” string tones and textures, bowed and rubbed springs under tension; salvaged rusty metal tubes; perforated steel gongs; aluminum water bottle bells; and deep, resonant handmade percussion instruments. Textures include chugs, shrieks, groans, drones, bounces, peals, and rattles. The sounds range from blissfully musical to horrifyingly atonal, and are equally at home lending an uneasy tone to either avant garde musical works or multi-layered sound effects, especially in thriller or horror genres.

The organic nature of the Sigil library means that its sounds hold up well to extreme processing like pitch shifting and granular resynthesis. The handmade nature of the instruments used means that there’s no other library quite like it.

The recordings were made with a variety of pickups, contact microphones, and traditional microphones, through various high-end “character” mic preamps selected uniquely per microphone and per instrument. Full details are in the library’s documentation.

This collection was recorded at 24 bits, 96 kHz and includes over three hours of recordings with more than 600 individual sounds, all fully tagged with metadata. Multiple articulations and voicing are ganged into single files for convenience and organization.

Licensor: Noise Jockey Sound Design
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Type: Dark texture sound effects / recordings
Specs: 113 files • 600+ sounds • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 2.6 GB • Includes metadata
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Video Thumbnail
1.Nathan Moody – bassDiddleyBow aggressiveBowingScraping long (1:23)
2.Nathan Moody – bassDiddleyBow alligatorClip bowing extremelySlowDraw D x4 (2:46)
3.Nathan Moody – bassDiddleyBow alligatorClip bowing hardFastDraw D x4 (3:10)
4.Nathan Moody – bassDiddleyBow alligatorClip InharmonicBowing FastChatter D x4 (0:26)
5.Nathan Moody – bassDiddleyBow alligatorClip InharmonicBowing FastChatterSlowAttack D x4 (0:33)
6.Nathan Moody – bassDiddleyBow alligatorClip InharmonicBowing Growling D x5 (1:26)
7.Nathan Moody – bassDiddleyBow alligatorClip InharmonicHits D x4 01 (1:23)
8.Nathan Moody – bassDiddleyBow alligatorClip InharmonicHits D x4 02 (1:15)
9.Nathan Moody – bassDiddleyBow alligatorClip InharmonicHits D x4 03 (0:54)
10.Nathan Moody – bassDiddleyBow harmonicRattleHits D x8 01 (1:03)
11.Nathan Moody – bassDiddleyBow harmonicRattleHits D x8 02 (0:58)
12.Nathan Moody – bassDiddleyBow inharmonicBowing fastScrapes x14 (1:28)
13.Nathan Moody – bassDiddleyBow inharmonicBowing fastScrapeVibratoTail x4 (0:31)
14.Nathan Moody – bassDiddleyBow inharmonicBowing massiveResonanceDraws x4 (0:33)
15.Nathan Moody – bassDiddleyBow singleBowLong B (0:17)
16.Nathan Moody – bassDiddlyBow bowedSlow D# x3 (0:51)
17.Nathan Moody – diddleyBow atonalBowScrapes long x9 (2:41)
18.Nathan Moody – diddleyBow atonalBowScrapes medium x17 (2:48)
19.Nathan Moody – diddleyBow atonalBowScrapes short x8 (1:27)
20.Nathan Moody – diddleyBow atonalBowScrapes vibrato medium x6 (1:04)
21.Nathan Moody – diddleyBow atonalBowScrapes vibrato short x6 (0:45)
22.Nathan Moody – diddleyBow bounceAndSkitter D x5 (0:58)
23.Nathan Moody – diddleyBow colLegnoScrapes D x4 (1:19)
24.Nathan Moody – diddleyBow eBowSustain A# (1:53)
25.Nathan Moody – diddleyBow glassSlideScrapes (0:57)
26.Nathan Moody – diddleyBow inharmonicBowing slideDescending long x5 (1:28)
27.Nathan Moody – diddleyBow inharmonicBowing slideDescending short x10 (1:11)
28.Nathan Moody – diddleyBow inharmonicBowing vibrato x21 (2:51)
29.Nathan Moody – diddleyBow massivePitchDive D# x3 (0:32)
30.Nathan Moody – diddleyBow rapidBowing D x5 (2:22)
31.Nathan Moody – diddleyBow rubberMalletBounces D x7 (0:58)
32.Nathan Moody – diddleyBow rubberMalletBounces rattle D long x5 (0:35)
33.Nathan Moody – diddleyBow rubberMalletBounces rattle D short x4 (0:22)
34.Nathan Moody – dulcimer drone eBow G#3 (2:38)
35.Nathan Moody – dulcimer motorizedWheelDrone long (4:48)
36.Nathan Moody – hit aluminumTabletop malletHIt hard x10 (1:05)
37.Nathan Moody – hit aluminumTabletop malletHIt soft x5 (0:19)
38.Nathan Moody – hit aluminumTube hitAndSway x4 (0:57)
39.Nathan Moody – hit bearCanister malletHIt x9 (0:33)
40.Nathan Moody – hit frameDrum ConcreteTunnel malletHits x08 (0:46)
41.hit frameDrum malletHits increasingForce x08 (0:14)
42.Nathan Moody – hit heavySteelTubeA rubberMalletHits x5 (0:27)
43.Nathan Moody – hit heavySteelTubeB rubberMalletHits x7 (0:27)
44.Nathan Moody – hit rattleDrum ConcreteTunnel malletHits x06 (0:34)
45.Nathan Moody – hit rattleDrum malletHit increasingForce x08 (0:41)
46.Nathan Moody – hit spring 13cm bundleStickHits x7 (1:15)
47.Nathan Moody – hit spring 13cm malletHits x8 (1:34)
48.Nathan Moody – hit spring 18cm bundleStickHits x4 (0:40)
49.Nathan Moody – hit spring 18cm malletHits x7 (1:10)
50.Nathan Moody – hit spring 25cm bundleStickHits x6 (1:14)
51.Nathan Moody – hit spring 25cm malletHits x6 (1:15)
52.Nathan Moody – hit spring 60cm rubberMalletHits x8 (2:01)
53.Nathan Moody – hit spring 8cm bundleStickHits x9 (1:17)
54.Nathan Moody – hit spring 8cm malletHits x6 (0:42)
55.Nathan Moody – hit springHitAndDrag suddenStop x4 (0:34)
56.Nathan Moody – hit springWithSympatheticStringRing (0:14)
57.Nathan Moody – hit steelPerfGong malletHits ECU x10 (1:20)
58.Nathan Moody – hit steelPerfGong malletHits x4 (0:32)
59.Nathan Moody – hit steelPerfGong stickHits ECU x6 (0:44)
60.Nathan Moody – hit steelPerfGong stickHits x4 (0:32)
61.Nathan Moody – hit stretchedSpring hit heavy x2 (0:16)
62.Nathan Moody – hit tinLidShaker x16 (0:15)
63.Nathan Moody – hit waterBottleBell bowed inharmonic x13 (1:33)
64.Nathan Moody – hit waterBottleBell mallet increasingForce x7 (0:49)
65.Nathan Moody – hit waterBottleBell stickHit increasingForce x6 (0:42)
66.Nathan Moody – hit waterBottleBell woolMallet vibratoVarious x12 (0:54)
67.Nathan Moody – PVCPipeHorn 01 (3:57)
68.Nathan Moody – PVCPipeHorn 02 (3:47)
69.Nathan Moody – shing heavySteelTube chopstick medium x3 (0:14)
70.Nathan Moody – shing heavySteelTube chopstick short x6 (0:16)
71.Nathan Moody – shing heavySteelTubeA bolt medium x4 (0:24)
72.Nathan Moody – shing heavySteelTubeA bolt short x5 (0:30)
73.Nathan Moody – shing heavySteelTubeA carbonFiberRod medium x5 (0:23)
74.Nathan Moody – shing heavySteelTubeA carbonFiberRod short x8 (0:49)
75.Nathan Moody – shing heavySteelTubeA chopstick medium x3 (0:17)
76.Nathan Moody – shing heavySteelTubeA chopstick short x5 (0:21)
77.Nathan Moody – shing heavySteelTubeB bolt medium x7 (0:36)
78.Nathan Moody – shing heavySteelTubeB bolt short x7 (0:45)
79.Nathan Moody – shing heavySteelTubeB carbonFiberRod medium x6 (0:37)
80.Nathan Moody – shing heavySteelTubeB carbonFiberRod short x6 (0:31)
81.Nathan Moody – spring 13cm bowed constantCircularStrokes (2:16)
82.Nathan Moody – spring 13cm bowed long x6 (2:28)
83.Nathan Moody – spring 13cm bowed medium x3 (0:49)
84.Nathan Moody – spring 13cm bowed short x8 (1:54)
85.Nathan Moody – spring 13cm rubbed rubberMallet x5 (1:16)
86.Nathan Moody – spring 18cm bowed constantCircularStrokes (2:11)
87.Nathan Moody – spring 18cm bowed long x5 (2:07)
88.Nathan Moody – spring 18cm bowed medium x5 (1:14)
89.Nathan Moody – spring 18cm bowed short x8 (1:31)
90.Nathan Moody – spring 18cm rubbed rubberMallet x5 (1:14)
91.Nathan Moody – spring 25cm bowed long x8 (3:36)
92.Nathan Moody – spring 25cm bowed medium x6 (1:51)
93.Nathan Moody – spring 25cm bowed short x6 (0:51)
94.Nathan Moody – spring 25cm rubbed rubberMallet x4 (0:57)
95.Nathan Moody – spring 60cm eyeletBowing long x6 (2:17)
96.spring 60cm eyeletBowing short x7
97.spring 60cm rubberMalletRubs harmonicRise long x5
98.spring 60cm rubberMalletRubs harmonicRise short x6
99.spring 8cm bowed long x5
100.spring 8cm bowed medium x4
101.spring 8cm bowed short x6
102.spring 8cm rubbed rubberMallet x5
103.spring eBowGrinding 01
104.springMountingEyehook bowed x5
105.springs bowed aggressive
106.springs bowed ghostly
107.springs bowed longCircularDraws
108.springs bowed longSoftPurring
109.springs bowed tremoloResonanceBuildup
110.springs rubberMalletRubs long 01
111.springs rubberMalletRubs long 02
112.springs rubberMalletRubs long 03
113.stringMalletBounces inharmonic


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