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Home Sound Effects Sherman M4A3 Medium Tank

Sherman M4A3 Medium Tank


Introducing the Sherman M4A3 World War II American medium tank sound library, equipped with a Ford GAA V8 engine. This sound bundle includes 183 96 kHz/24-bit recordings in a variety of mono and stereo perspectives totalling over 25 gigabytes of audio. The vintage military vehicle is detailed in 16 exterior and 12 interior channels with coverage of starting, passing by, approaching, departing, stopping, and onboard driving at various speeds.

The package includes extensive synchronized elements needed to recreate the sound of this medium tank for feature films and game audio projects. An Altiverb IR preset created from a sweep inside the tank is also included.

Licensor: Pole Position Production
Categories: , .
Type: Tank sound effects / recordings
Specs: 183 files • 183 sounds • 24-bit/96 kHz • 25.47 gigabytes • Includes metadata
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