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Scratches is a comprehensive library of 700 recordings of scraping, cutting, scuffing, peeling and rubbing sounds. This high-quality collection of versatile sounds will make your skin crawl and hair stand on end.

The idea behind this project was to gather a wide assortment of objects like saws, scissors and chalks, and to record their acoustic interaction with surfaces such as wood, glass, metal, concrete and gravel. We even came to vandalize a few musical instruments (snare drums, oriental percussions, cymbals and more) with hammers and knives in order to capture weird noises and unique musical qualities.

If you want to get an insight into how we created Scratches library, head over to our blog here

Licensor: Sound Ex Machina
Categories: , , , , , , .
Type: Scratching sound effects / recordings
Specs: 700 files • 700 sounds • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 2.2 GB • Includes metadata
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Scratches highlights:


High-performance sound recording room

All recording sessions have been carried out in an acoustically treated room. We mostly recorded from a close perspective in order to capture dry and solid material that will allow you to apply your preferred amount of reverb or any other effect in post-production or sound design project.

Creative Freedom

The sounds have been recorded with mono compatible configurations and contact mics, and each one of those sounds is offered with a multitude of variations, making them versatile enough to cover the needs of a big production.

Well-grounded folder structure, ease of use

The library is organized in frequencies of wood, glass, metal, plastic, concrete, cardboard and more.

Overall, our aim with this library is to provide you:

  • Intriguing source material to add a surreal quality to your creative project
  • Direct, well-captured sounds to complement your foley work


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