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Sci-Fi Essentials – Sound Effects & Music


This collection features an assortment of high quality sci-fi game sounds, from mechs to laser guns and interface sounds. It also includes a selection of original retro synth music, composed to suit a variety of moods.

Licensor: : Goldsmith Audio Categories: , , , , , , .
Type: Sci-Fi sound effects / recordings
Specs: 119 sounds • 132 files • 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz • 342 MB • Not metatagged
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License type:
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This collection contains 119 sound effects from 3 of our sound packs and 13 original themes from the ‘Analog Synth Dreamscape’ pack. Each sound effect has been individually crafted using original foley recordings and a variety of production techniques, such as layering and pitching, in order to create truly unique sound effects. This is the perfect bundle of sounds and music to enhance your new sci-fi game.

You can hear previews of the individual sound packs and music included in this bundle here:


This pack contains the following sound effects:

Analog Sci-Fi Hardware / Interface SFX:

Beep Echo x 4

Broken Beep x 18

Error x 1

Fuzzy Beep x 4

Generator Fast x 1

Generator Slow x 1

Menu Zap x 4

Scanner x 1

Screen Text Light x 1

Screen Text x 3

Scroll Light x 1

Scroll x 1

Sharp Bleep x 21 (+ wet reverb versions)

Soft Navigation Beep x 8

System Error x 1

Laser Gun SFX:

1 x Gatling Laser

3 x Laser Burst

4 x Laser Rifle

6 x Laser Pistol

Mech / Large Robot SFX

5 x Alert

3 x Attack

1 x Death

3 x Getting Hit

1 x Power Down

1 x Power Up


+ 13 original musical themes to suit a variety of moods


Technical Information:

Number of Audio Waves: 132

Number of Audio Cues: 132

Sample rate / bit rate: 24bit 44.1 kHz Wav

Do Sound FX loop: The longer sound effects can be looped

Minutes of audio provided: ~26 mins

Supported Development Platforms: All


Full sound effects list for Sci-Fi Essentials - Sound Effects & Music:


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