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Home Sound Effects Sci – Fi Elements Vol.1: Futuristic Technology And UI

Sci – Fi Elements Vol.1: Futuristic Technology And UI


The sound of the future is bursting with energy.

This sound library presents carefully crafted high-tech sound effects that vary from pleasant and musical to unpredicted and glitchy designs.

Great for futuristic user interface, virtual reality hacking and memory extraction, corrupted alien technology and evil cyber-intelligence, AI powered weaponry, scanning objects in a digital world and high-tech cybernetic settings.

This Sound Library is a part of the Slava Pogorelsky – Complete Bundle. Upgrade offer is available!


Victor Mercader – AAA Sound Designer (Apex Legends)
“I find myself continuously using Slava’s SFX libraries to blend it’s pristine and detailed sound designs into my own sounds. They always add that cutting edge I am missing and make my sound designs more unique and pristine. The Sci-fi Elements sound library is the perfect library to use and blend into my UI designs in Apex Legends.”

Enos Desjardins – Sound Designer/Sound Effects Editor (Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Black Mirror)
“Slava has been creating some really cool libraries which I find myself using time and again. Really high quality recordings to start with but then the cool processing he has used for example in his cinematic whoosh libraries really stand out. They are not just your standard generic whoosh sounds but are loaded with character and have a unique feel to them that is really fresh and cuts through in the nicest of ways.”

Bjørn Jacobsen – AAA Sound Designer (CyberPunk 2077, HITMAN, DARQ)
“Slava has for several years made high quality sound effects for me to play with. I use his sound libraries across multiple projects as lego blocks of my creations.”

Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
“Each sound was carefully designed and captured using various high end tools and studio instruments. To be able to come up with these sounds one must layer and heavily process the raw files. Slava did just that. The sounds are static, yet bursting with energy. You won’t be disappointed, especially if you create music for trailers, game, TV, films and commercials.”

Yarron Katz – AAA Composer and Sound Designer
“Slava makes some wonderful libraries. He’s relatively new on the scene and his libraries have come to critical acclaim. He takes some general ideas, like whooshes and he injects some extremely revolutionary and innovative ideas to them, so you’re not getting another whoosh library – you’re getting something very unique, very fresh. He brings some wonderful ideas to the table.”

Licensor: : Slava Pogorelsky Categories: , , , , , , .
Type: User Interface, Science Fiction, Futuristic Technology, Experimental sound effects / recordings
Specs: 456 sounds • 456 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 834 MB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
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Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

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As a freelance sound designer I am fortunate to embark on collaborative journeys with incredible storytellers around the world, who are expressing their creativity through innovative filmmaking, animation and game design. I had a pleasure to work with visionary BAFTA and Emmy winning filmmakers, who constantly push the boundaries of imagination.

Crafting high quality sound effect libraries is a consistent and integral part of my freelance workflow. It’s a pleasure to collaborate with amazing partners such as Krotos, Soundly, Sound Particles.