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Home Sound Effects Ravens barking at dogs

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Ravens barking at dogs

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A variety of Raven vocal sounds recorded around a Greenlandic dog pen. Includes multiple 1-5 minute files as well as short isolated honks, squawks, calls, clips, and purrs. Recorded with 2x Sennheiser 8040 in a Cinela ORTF blimp on a straight microphone stand with a Mixpre – 3 at 24b/96k


Licensor: Pete's Shop
Category: .
Type: Raven sound effects / recordings
Specs: 287 files • 287+ sounds • 24bit / 96 kHz • 3.8 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 90+ minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

I set out to gather some Greenlandic Dog recordings, and I ended up gathering a a bit of nice close up recordings of different raven calls. Together with some previous recordings I have made, I gathered all of the different vocals and put them together in a library.

In the library there are distant ravens 500 meters up in the windy mountains of Nuuk and near the Greenland Ice of Kangerlussuaq, as well as throaty honks, squawks, soft clicky alien sounds, flapping wings, and I included a few of the dogs. :)

I will include a variety of sounds in a small youtube/soundcloud link for you to try out. Due to the delicate nature of the vocals, I did not do any noise suppression(other than maybe 3 files) so some of the files will include chains from dog movements, or light pants from the dogs. The focus of this library is for designers who would like to have a Raven as a character in your film or short then you will have enough variety of sounds and length to choose from. Please read the metadata before buying and as ALWAYS, satisfaction guaranteed. Send me an email if you have questions or are unsatisfied. If I cannot help you get the right sound, then I will reimburse you personally. Also, If you would like the raw recordings I would be happy to send them to you as well. Have a GREAT day.


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My name is Peter Seeba and I am a Texan sound recordist living in Copenhagen, DK.

Feel free to email me to connect.