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Welcome to RAPTUS, an exclusive sample pack featuring 100+ cutting-edge cinematic sound effects with a truly unique sonic signature.

RAPTUS was designed with huge sound pressure and devastating distortion in mind. A perfect tool to compliment sound artists, trailer editors and video games sound designers looking for complex effects with a touch of raw energy.

RAPTUS delivers distorted impacts, mutilated drums, brass resonating hits, synth shifters, drones/textures. A great tool for forward thinking artist with an out-of-the-box approach.

Licensor: SampleTraxx
Categories: , .
Type: Cinematic sound effects / recordings
Specs: 100 files • 100+ sounds • 24 bit / 48 kHz • 300 MB
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Single user, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here
Raptus_ drum slash_ fake adress.wav
Raptus_ drum slash_ g butterfly.wav
Raptus_ drum slash_ granular loop roll.wav
Raptus_ drum slash_ granular step.wav
Raptus_ drum slash_ stutter bdrum.wav
Raptus_ drum slash_ zipper.wav
Raptus_ drum slash_ dresser.wav
Raptus_ drum slash_ over here.wav
Raptus_ drum slash_ over st.wav
Raptus_ drum slash_ over.wav
Raptus_ drumfuk_ collapse devices.wav
Raptus_ drumfuk_ collapse mhr.wav
Raptus_ drumfuk_ collapse.wav
Raptus_ drumfuk_ kick granular.wav
Raptus_ drumfuk_ kick viral.wav
Raptus_ drumfuk_ stutter amec.wav
Raptus_ drumfuk_ stutter zync.wav
Raptus_ drumfuk_ stutterizer.wav
Raptus_ monkey drummer_ accelerator 01.wav
Raptus_ monkey drummer_ accelerator 02.wav
Raptus_ monkey drummer_ accelerator 03.wav
Raptus_ monkey drummer_ accelerator 04.wav
Raptus_ monkey drummer_ accelerator 05.wav
Raptus_ monkey drummer_ accelerator 06.wav

Raptus_ death room_ hdrumz grains.wav
Raptus_ death room_ hdrumz sting.wav
Raptus_ death room_ hdrumz synth.wav
Raptus_ hit layers_ composite attack.wav
Raptus_ hit layers_ composite dr.wav
Raptus_ hit layers_ composite_ hit em up.wav
Raptus_ hit layers_ dead bass .wav
Raptus_ hit layers_ deathdrumz hell.wav
Raptus_ hit layers_ deathdrumz sting b.wav
Raptus_ hit layers_ deathdrumz sting c.wav
Raptus_ hit layers_ lie drone.wav
Raptus_ hit layers_ muse devine.wav
Raptus_ hit layers_ relight.wav
Raptus_ hit layers_ scapes IF.wav
Raptus_brass_room_ brassex.wav
Raptus_brass_room_ demistify.wav
Raptus_brass_room_ dfect.wav
Raptus_brass_room_ fokker.wav
Raptus_brass_room_ griffs.wav
Raptus_brass_room_ hit _ destiny to death.wav
Raptus_brass_room_ hit _ mode one.wav
Raptus_brass_room_ mother.wav
Raptus_brass_room_ repeat.wav
Raptus_brass_room_ rubber.wav
Raptus_brass_room_ runner.wav
Raptus_brass_room_ the clash.wav
Raptus_brass_room_ the move.wav
Raptus_fintek drum_ granular skanning_ flatter bm.wav
Raptus_fintek drum_ granular skanning_ flatter bz.wav
Raptus_fintek drum_ granular skanning_ flatter c.wav
Raptus_fintek drum_ granular skanning_ flatter no rest.wav
Raptus_fintek drum_ granular skanning_ flatter.wav
Raptus_fintek drum_ granulator close.wav
Raptus_fintek drum_ granulator laser.wav
Raptus_fintek drum_ granulator mech_ bass.wav
Raptus_mutilated drum_ granulator synth_ intro.wav
Raptus_mutilated drum_ tonal _ hombre.wav
Raptus_mutilated drum_ tonal _ loop nine.wav

Raptus_ synth shifter_ brasser 01 x05.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ brasser 02.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ brasser 03.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ brasser 04.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ cinepad all up.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ cinepad max.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ cinepad reso.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ cinepad tails.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ cinepad the day after.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ cinepad_ deep medi.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ elex bed b.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ elex bed.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ grainer a.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ grainer b.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ grainer c.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ grainer d.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ grainer_ planes.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ grainer.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ granular _ locodice.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ granular_ distos.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ granular_ landing.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ granular_ mid spike.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ granular_ or x.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ granular_ spinner.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ granular_ synth bounce.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ granular_ waves.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ main verse.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ reverse_ granulator.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ reverse_ granutek.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ reverse_ slow pin.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ reverse_ small b.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ reverse_ spice up.wav
Raptus_ synth shifter_ spoiler.wav

Raptus_ textures_ rise 01.wav
Raptus_ textures_ rise 02.wav
Raptus_ textures_ rise 03.wav
Raptus_ textures_ rise 04.wav
Raptus_ textures_01.wav
Raptus_ textures_02.wav
Raptus_ textures_03.wav
Raptus_ textures_04.wav
Raptus_ textures_05.wav
Raptus_ textures_06.wav
Raptus_ textures_07.wav
Raptus_ textures_08.wav
Raptus_ textures_09.wav
Raptus_ textures_10.wav
Raptus_ textures_11.wav
Raptus_ textures_12.wav


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