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Home Sound Effects Rain & Thunderstorms

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Rain & Thunderstorms


‘Rain & Thunderstorms’ by Cinematic Sound Design delivers a collection of weather-themed ambiences, ready to cover your media productions needs.

Inside you will find a palette of ambiences of Rain, Thunderstorms, Wind and more. We have used the flagship ‘Sound Devices 702’ based setup with high quality microphones to capture these sounds, delivering a detailed, rich sound dextures. These recordings have been gathered over the course of several years involving different places around Central & South of Europe.

All sounds come 100% Royalty-Free, so no additional clearances are needed. This pack is a must-have addition to any cinematic project, that requires unique weather ambiences & backgrounds to complement the scene.

Product Details:

• 77 Ambience Recordings
• 100% Royalty-Free
• 24-Bit/96kHz

Licensor: : Cinematic Sound Design Category: .
Type: Rain sound effects / recordings
Specs: 77 sounds • 77 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 1.92GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 58 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Full sound effects list for Rain & Thunderstorms:

After Rain Thunder.wav 0:24
Aluminium Pipe Leaks.wav 0:18
Calm Rain Leaks Thunder.wav 0:41
Cloth Fall Bubbles.wav 0:19
Distant Rain Muted Thunder Strong.wav 0:44
Drops Fall On Fabric.wav 0:45
Interior Subtle Wind Through Patio Door.wav 0:36
Light Rain Thunder.wav 0:30
Light Rain Thunder In Distance Birds.wav 0:19
Light Rain Thunder Long.wav 0:36
Medium Distance Strong Rain Cement Strong Rain Thunder.wav 0:45
Nature Intense Field Rain Distant Thunders Muted.wav 0:37
Nature Strong Rain Thunder Birds.wav 0:50
Nature Strong Rainfall Thunder.wav 0:51
Rain Fall Calm Bubbles.wav 0:37
Rain Fall Drops on Wood Cement Close Up.wav 0:30
Rain Fall In Water Lake River Bubbles.wav 0:33
Rain Fall On Umbrella.wav 0:37
Rain Falling On Cloth Leaking In Stream.wav 0:25
Rain Field Perspective Thunder Muted.wav 0:18
Rain Interior Wind Through Window.wav 1:03
Rain Light Falling On Dry Leaves Birds.wav 1:24
Rain Light Field Distant Thunder.wav 0:39
Rain Light Rain In Water Lake Pond.wav 1:09
Rain Light Thunder Dog Barks Leaves Rustle.wav 0:41
Rain Nature Intense Field Strong.wav 0:55
Rain Nature Rainfall Leaves Intense.wav 1:14
Rain Normal Intensity Thunder Field Forest.wav 1:21
Rain Slow Soft Distant Thunder.wav 0:56
Rain Storm Drops Fall on Cloth.wav 0:54
Rain Storm Drops Fall on Cloth Bubbles.wav 0:54
Rain Thunder Midday.wav 0:41
Rain Urban Distant Thunder Soft Light.wav 0:31
Rain Urban Intense Thunder Strong.wav 0:26
Rain Urban Leaking Pipe Thunder Boom.wav 0:45
Rain Urban Metal Pipe Traffic Air Conditiner.wav 1:24
Rain Urban Slow Soft Voices Traffic.wav 1:27
Rainfall Urban Cement Strong Thunder.wav 0:27
Strong Rain Aluminium Pipe.wav 0:53
Strong Rain Thunder.wav 0:53
Strong Rain Thunder Distance.wav 0:50
Strong Rain Thunder Rural.wav 0:58
Subtle Rain Fall On Umbrella.wav 0:33
Subtle Rain Stopping Birds.wav 0:32
Subtle Rain Strong Drops Thunder Subtle Distant.wav 0:33
Subtle Rain Thunder Distant.wav 0:40
Subtle Rain Thunder Long.wav 0:41
Subtle Rain Thunder Long Birds.wav 0:30
Subtle Rain Thunder Strong.wav 0:23
Subtle Spring Rain Bubbles.wav 0:34
Thunder After Storm Birds Thunder Subtle.wav 0:16
Thunder Distant.wav 0:15
Thunder Muted.wav 0:20
Thunder Muted Distant Birds.wav 0:19
Thunder Strong.wav 0:13
Thunder Urban Birds Distant.wav 0:20
Thunders Distant Leaves Move Ambience.wav 0:59
Thunderstorm Village After Storm Birds Dogs Distant Thunders.wav 0:24
Urban Distant Thunder Birds.wav 0:21
Urban Light Rain Distant Thunder Long.wav 0:17
Urban Rain Distant Thunder Boom.wav 0:34
Urban Rain Fall Pavement Hits Thunders.wav 0:35
Urban Rain Long Thunder Birds Screams.wav 0:23
Urban Rain On Cement Thunders In Distance.wav 0:33
Urban Rain Thunder Muted.wav 0:25
Urban Rainfall Distant Thunder Muted.wav 0:36
Urban Rainfall Drops Leakage Strong Thunder.wav 0:26
Urban Strong Fierce Water Leakages Thunder.wav 0:28
Urban Strong Rain Fall On Metal Cement Close Up.wav 0:29
Village Medium Rainfall Distant Thunder.wav 0:33
Weather Mixed Forest Wind Storm Gusts Daytime.wav 2:07
Wind Intense Strong.wav 0:59
Wind Urban Multiple Thunders.wav 0:26
Wooden Roof Drops Fall.wav 0:50


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