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Home Sound Effects Rain in the City – by Phonophilist

Rain in the City – by Phonophilist


'Rain in the City' has 70 files and more than 3 hours of recordings of light rain and storms in the city. This collection includes both indoor and outdoor ambience recordings from the 9th floor of a city building, within a vehicle, and on the street. There are also recordings of rain drops from the roof and drip cap, as well as rare recordings of a hail shower, flowing rain water through drain pipes and storm drains, and rain onto umbrellas, a car, and metal surfaces.

• Unique recording of a storm in the city of Minsk from the beginning to the end.
• The storm caused a lot of thunder, heavy rain, and over 100 fallen trees in the city (24 liters of rainfall per square meter).
• Ambience rain recordings have light, moderate and heavy storm intensities.
• Indoor recordings with opened and closed window for scenes in the buildings.
• Designed short loops of diffuse rain sound with 3 levels: heavy, moderate and light.

Gear Used:
• Neumann 185 MT stereo matched microphone pair with Sound Devices 702 recorder

Licensor: Phonophilist
Categories: , , .
Type: Rain sound effects / recordings
Specs: 70 files • 70+ sounds • 192kHz / 24bit • 12.2 GB
Approx. 190 minutes total
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License type:
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