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Quiet School Ambiences


“Quiet School Ambiences” is a library recorded in several schools in Bulgaria (Eastern Europe) during summer vacation. They are old and have a characteristic sound with creaking doors and interesting spaces, corridors, rooms, toilets, a basement and even an attic inhabited by many pigeons. Some of the tracks were recorded in a school located in a small town and there is almost no noise from heavy traffic, only a few birds. Another part of the atmospheres were recorded in a big city very close to a main boulevard and you will hear heavy traffic. In some of the tracks, there is light human activity from teachers on duty or security, footsteps, distant voices, etc.
The library includes several doors with a specific sound recorded from a classroom and from a corridor because the reverberation is different. You will also hear lights turning on and off. Much of the library was recorded with two stereo setups at the same time, usually in different directions (corridors and bathrooms) or different configurations (doors). There are also bonus tracks similar to the main files.
Gear used: Sound Devices 833, Edirol R4pro, Neumann KM184 st, Schoeps MK4 st, Usi Pro.
All Files are meta-tagged in Soundminer with UCS.
Enjoy school during summer vacation.

Licensor: : West Wolf Categories: , , .
Type: school sound effects / recordings
Specs: 40 sounds • 62 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 5.58 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 181 minutes total
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