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Home Sound Effects Quantum – ElectroMagnetic Field Library

Download the Quantum freebie SFX pack 1 here
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Quantum – ElectroMagnetic Field Library

(3 customer reviews)


Quantum is an electromagnetic field sound effect library delivering over 3450 high quality sounds in 1924 files (more than 60Gb), from UI and Impacts over Whooshes to Ambiences, Energy, Retro Machines sounds and many more, this collection has all you need to create an exciting Modern Hard-SciFi audio experience.

From raw recordings to ready-to-use sound effects, all the content has been recorded at 24 bit, 192 KHz.
The Toolkit and Designed sections are delivered at 24 bit, 96 KHz.
All files in this collection use the Universal Category System (UCS) and are tagged with detailed metadatas.

This library is split in 3 different sections :


The Raw section:

342 Files / 37,8 Gb / 645m / 192Khz / 24 bit

Captured with different microphones like Elektrouลกi, Elektroucho Pro and Priezor, we recorded a lot of devices and wild signals which allows you to sculpt, create, and edit your own sounds with more than 340 individual sounds.

Some Devices included in Raw section
3D Printer – ATM – Babyphone – Lamp – Headphones – Speakers – BluRay Player – Cameras – Cofee Machine – Laptop and Desk Computers – Video Game Consoles – Electric Outlets – Razor – Electronic Cigarette – Elevator – Fan – Fridge – Amplifier – Hair Clipper – Hair Dryer – Home Cinema – Router – Blender – Microwave – Shaker – Oven – Audio Recorders – Audio Interfaces – Science Center Devices – Smartphone – Kitchen Devices – Synthetizers – Tablet – TV – Outside Billboard and Devices – Washing Machine – Vehicles

The Designed Section:

372 Files / 13,6 Gb / 418m / 96Khz / 24 bit

This section provides you ready-to-use sounds (over 1897 individuals sounds in 371 files), all created and designed only from the Raw and Toolkit section materials.

From huge spaceships to tiny interfaces, this collection delivers various sounds from different categories such as Impacts, UI, Ambiences, Whooshes, Pass-By, Energy, Machines, Electricity sounds and many more.

Included sounds / Keywords
Ambience – Impact – Robot – Electricity – UI – Alarm – Radar – Energy – ForceField – Generator – Machine – Vehicles – Spaceships – Alien – Scanner – Calculation – Data – Hologram – Transmission – Glitch – Static – Interference – Whoosh – Interface – SciFi – Retro – etc…

The Toolkit Section:

1211 Files / 12,2 Gb / 388m / 96Khz / 24 bit

This is a NEW section that we wanted to introduce with this library. The Toolkit section is organised in different categories (Energy, Drone, Forcefield, Machine…ect..) to allow you to easily create your own Retro Hard Scifi sounds. We have decided to share with you a useful creation tool process by giving you presets for famous Reaktor ensembles like S-Layer, Dron-e and Whoosh to combine with several dedicated Reaktor maps directly linked to the Toolkit samples.

For more information about the Toolkit section, you can watch the tutorial video below

Licensor: : Spectravelers Categories: , , , , , , .
Type: EMF sound effects / recordings
Specs: 3450 sounds • 1924 files • 62.9 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 1450 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Quantum Teaser Video

Quantum - Teaser

Quantum Library Overview Video

Quantum - Library Overview

Quantum How to use Toolkit Video

Quantum - Toolkit - How to use it

Quantum Cover Copyright ยฉ Yannick Puggioni – Spectravelers Logo copyright ยฉ Anthony Corre



Full sound effects list for Quantum - ElectroMagnetic Field Library:

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3 reviews

  1. Tibo Csuko

    When the guys at Spectravelers contacted me to listen to a beta demo of their new electromagnetic field library, and knowing their previous work on Submersion ( Big big fan of this library ), I was excited to say the least.

    Electromagnetic field recordings have been very popular among sound designers lately thanks to the LOM Electroslush mic series, but BOY I wasn’t prepared for such a top notch AAA quality. I’ve put their demo in loop mode and tried to analyse every sound. Depth, Detail, Pristine Highs, Clean Subs.

    Now it’s finally out, I was able to review every sound in there, and yeah it confirmed my first thoughts: They hands down knocked it out of the ball park. Best Electromagnetic Inspired Sci-Fi work ever, done.

  2. Nicolas Gueguen

    My new go to library for sci fi. Great sounds.

  3. Alex Fenty

    This library is hands down one of the best if not THE best sci fi library you can own! Take my word for it!

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True story: So we are Spectralevers, humans coming from the future and travelling using an alien technology involving an audio spectral time portal. During our journey, we gather many audio spectral textures that we mix and combine together in order to share them with you!

Commercial version : We are two passionate sound designers that have been working for many years in the video game industry (DeadCore, Wild, Ghost Recon Wildlands, For Honor, The Crew 2, Deux Ex, Raymanโ€ฆ). We decided to band together and create HD sound effects and original sound textures !

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