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Quad City Berlin

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Quad City Berlin is a comprehensive collection of quadrophonic recordings from the busy and multifaceted german capital, the second largest city in the European Union.
It was created to work as an internationally usable library of urban ambiences while still capturing the unique sounds of Berlin. It’s a set of extensive and versatile recordings focused on large open spaces and the nice fat low-end hum of major city traffic.

Quad City Berlin comes in two flavors:
– Quad + MS: four channels with omni-directional mics + two channels mid-side (6 channels total, please check out diagram below. 102 files)
– Stereo only: the two front channels of the quad setup only (A-B stereo, 34 files)

The locations covered in Quad City Berlin include: rooftops, main roads & squares, residential areas, parks, freeways, room ambiences

The recording session took place in the fall of 2015 where birdsong is usually very sparse and the weather can still be sunny and dry. Thanks to these conditions, most of the recordings contain no bird chirping at all. All recordings where made using the same microphone setup: four omni-directional mics with equal distances to each other and one MS rig at the front side.

Depending on the location, the omnis where placed up to 3 meters apart to deliver a truly wide sound that works well on a cinema mixing stage. The MS signal serves as both a center signal (if needed) and a stereo option that is also mono compatible.
The four omnis where the high-end DPA 4006 (Bruel&Kjaer) microphones with a remarkable quality in the low frequencies. They work exceptionally well for city background hum and low engine sounds producing a very full and warm, yet precise sound.

Licensor: Sonocaine
Categories: , , , .
Type: Berlin ambience sound effects / recordings
Specs: 34 / 102 files • 34+ sounds • 24 Bit / 96kHz - 6 channels (quad + MS) • Up to 26.7 GB
Approx. 108 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Quad City Berlin recording diagram: 

quad city berlin diagram 

Video presentation of Quad City Berlin:

Video Thumbnail
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_001 – Main Road Rush Hour Traffic, Cars, Motorcycles, Scooters, Trams And Trucks Passing, One High-Speed Engine Roar At Top, Some Car Horns, Some Distant Voices (Torstrasse).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_002 – Large Main Road Junction, Cars And Heavy Trucks Passing Slowly, Ambulance Siren At Top, Occasional Car Horns, Big Rattling Truck At Tail (Neue Nationalgalerie).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_003 – Large Square Surrounded By Busy Streets, Reflections And Low Resonances From Buildings, Cars And Large Trucks Passing, Ambulance Siren, Car Horns, Pedestrian Voices (Gendarmenmarkt).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_004 – Main Road Traffic In Residential Area, Semi-Distant Traffic, Low Engine At Top, Loud Car Horn, Tram Passing, Occasional Voices, Children (Pappelplatz).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_005 – Junction Under Elevated Railway, Traffic Passing Smoothly In Mid-Distance, Trains Passing Slowly Whining (Schlesisches Tor).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_006 – Junction Under Elevated Railway, Traffic Passing Smoothly In Mid-Distance, Trucks And Busses, No Trains (Schlesisches Tor).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_007 – Heavy Traffic From 3rd Floor Terrace, Some Impacts And Machine Sounds From Nearby Construction Site, Police Siren Passing, Church Bells (Kurfuerstendamm).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_008 – Area Near Railroad Tracks, Trains, Trams And Busses Passing, Semi-Distant Traffic, Occasional Voices, Airplane Passing (Berlin Hauptbahnhof).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_009 – Area Under Railroad Bridge, Trains Passing Overhead, Traffic And Trams Passing Under Bridge (Berlin Hauptbahnhof).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_010 – Square At Large Road, Semi-Distant Traffic, Cars, Busses And Trucks Passing (Unter den Linden).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_011 – Parking Lot With Cars Arriving And Leaving, Car Doors, Voices And Footsteps, Distant Car Horns, Trams Passing, Street Cleaning Vehicle, Ambulance Siren At Tail (Oranienburger Tor).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_012 – Parking Lot Under Freeway Overpass, Near Railroad Tracks, Tire Clanks, Trains Passing.wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_013 – Urban Freeway, Busy, Constant Wash Of Passing Cars, Some Trucks And Motorcycles.wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_014 – Square In Residential Area, Reflections From Buildings, Birds, Rattling And Impacts From Unloading Beverage Supply Van.wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_015 – Construction Site Ambience, Hammering, Large Metallic Impacts And Squeaks, Electric Saw (St. Hedwigs Cathedral).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_016 – On Bridge Over River, Squeaky Door Of Nearby Museum Entrance, Pedestrian Footsteps And Voices, Trains Squealing, Helicopter Overhead, Low Engine Of Passing Boat (Museumsinsel).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_017 – Park Near Canal, Distant Traffic Hum, Birds And Crows, Some Exotic Bird Calls From Nearby Zoo, Distant Sirens And Construction Noises (Tiergarten).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_018 – Park, Wide Perspective From Hilltop, Birds, Some Noises From Distant Construction Site, Dog Barking, One Distant Blast, Airplane At Tail (Viktoriapark Memorial).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_019 – Park Near Railroad Tracks, Trains Passing, Distant Traffic, Low Rumble From Passing Tram At Top, Some Runners Passing (Monbijou Park).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_020 – Park At Evening, Calm, Semi-Distant Traffic From Main Road, Squealing Trams Passing, Car Horns, Occasional Faint Voices, Car Engine Roar At Top (Weinbergpark).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_021 – Park At Night, Distant Traffic Hum, Fast Car Passing At Top, Church Bells, Runners Footsteps, Airplane Passing, Fox Barks At Tail.wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_022 – Downtown Highrise Rooftop, Distant City Hum, Calm And Steady, Only Few Specific Events (Sofitel Kurfuerstendamm).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_023 – Downtown Highrise Rooftop, Distant City Hum, Sirens, Trains, Car Horns, Construction Noises (Sofitel Kurfuerstendamm).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_024 – Downtown Highrise Rooftop, Distant City Hum, Church Bells At Top, Sirens, Trains, Car Horns, Construction Noises (Sofitel Kurfuerstendamm).wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_025 – Rooftop In Residential Area, Traffic, Dogs, Car Horns, Multiple Sirens, Children’s Voices, Birds, Airplanes.wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_026 – Rooftop In Residential Area, Traffic, Dogs, Car Horn Nervous Honking, Multiple Sirens At Tail.wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_027 – Rooftop At Night In Residential Area, Calm, Faint Traffic, Churchbells At Top.wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_028 – Secluded And Quiet Area, Distant Traffic Without Specific Sounds, Airplane At Top, Occasional Light Leaves Rustle.wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_029 – Room Ambience With Closed Windows, Busy Area, Traffic Passing On Street Outside, Cars And Trams.wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_030 – Room Ambience With Slightly Opened Windows, Busy Area, Traffic Passing On Street Outside, Cars And Trams, Pedestrian Voices.wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_031 – Room Ambience With Wide Open Windows, Busy Area, Traffic Passing On Street Outside, Cars And Trams, Pedestrian Voices.wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_032 – Room Ambience With Closed Windows, Residential Area, Cars Passing On Street Outside, Children And Pedestrian Voices, Dog Barks.wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_033 – Room Ambience With Slightly Opened Windows, Residential Area, Cars And Scooters Passing On Street Outside, Children And Pedestrian Voices, Occasional Car Horns And Car Door Slamming.wav
SON_Quad_City_Berlin_034 – Room Ambience, Residential Area, Traffic And Pedestrians Passing, Voices, Children, Car Doors, Some Muffled Sounds From Inside The House.wav

1 review

  1. Doug Paterson

    Excellent recordings. Very useful both for surround and stereo. The mic technique and mics used are top notch. I’ve used this on one Doc already to great effect. Thank you, great stuff!

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