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Home Sound Effects Polystyrene Destruction

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Polystyrene Destruction

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Polystyrene Destruction!

Hopefully, the name says it all. I took a claw hammer, saw, metal bar and my hands to various different types of polystyrene (packing peanuts, big stiff packing material and softer packing material) and wrenched lots of weird sounds out of them. Plenty of squeaky gross crunches and cracks useful for sweetening bone breaks, impacts and other gore stuff if you’re bored of celery and cabbages! Also good for sweetening up other foley stuff too and lots of the recordings contain lots of high frequency, squealy material which is fun for pitching. I included some designed stuff as well including a few UI bits, some pitched impacts, weird alien bug wings and various other bits and bobs. Recorded at 96Khz/24 Bit and processed in Reaper and RX.

Licensor: Submerged Tapes
Categories: , , , , , .
Type: Foley sound effects / recordings
Specs: 52 files • 52 sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 435 MB • Includes metadata
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Award winning sound designer, field recordist and composer based in Bristol, UK.

Passionate about field recording, and capturing or creating interesting, unusual sounds.

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