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Home Sound Effects Are You Picking Up What I’m Putting Down

Are You Picking Up What I’m Putting Down


This library is all about picking stuff up and putting it down, whilst you rub your beard, pop pills and type with your toes. It's a collection of foley sounds that we always seem to need, but often can't find. Each track includes multiple movements of the object in question. The recordings are mono and unprocessed, so they sound natural and can be easily placed in your stereo field.

All tracks recorded with a Sennheiser 416 microphone, through a Buzz Audio – Elixer preamp.

Licensor: Smackheads
Categories: , .
Type: Foley sound effects / recordings
Specs: 72 files • 72 sounds • 24bit / 48kHz • 362 MB • Includes metadata
Approx. 41 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
Bowl and Spoon (1:00)
Briefcase Flight case latch (1:33)
Coaster on Wood (0:33)
Coffee Cup Takeaway on Coaster (0:44)
Coffee Cup Takeaway on Glass (0:27)
Coffee Cup Takeaway on Wood (0:43)
Coffee Mug on Coaster (0:37)
Coffee Mug on Glass (0:41)
Coffee Mug pour (0:03)
Facial Hair Scratching (0:07)
Full Large Glass tumbler on Coaster (0:19)
Full Large Glass tumbler On Glass (0:12)
Full Large Glass tumbler on Glass 2 (0:27)
Glass Carafe on Coaster (0:25)
Glass Carafe on Glass (0:15)
Glass Carafe on Wood (0:32)
Glass dings Cheers Toast Speech tapping (1:54)
Keys Pick up and Put Down on Wood (1:28)
Laptop Mac Keys and Trackpad (1:03)
Large Glass Tumbler on wood (0:35)
Large Glass Tumbler on Wood – Hollow (0:17)
Large Glass Tumbler on Wood – Slides (0:24)
Large Metal Watch (0:27)
Large Pill Bottle on Coaster (0:34)
Large Pill Bottle on Glass (0:30)
Large Pill Bottle on Wood (0:41)
Mac Keyboard Typing 1 (0:14)
Mac Keyboard Typing 2 (0:21)
Marker writing on paper Sharpie (0:58)
Matel Music Maker (0:37)
Mouse Clicks and scroll wheel (0:23)
Mouth Wash Bottle on Coaster (0:13)
Mouth Wash Bottle on Glass (0:15)
Mouth Wash Bottle screw lid (0:02)
Old Fashion Glass on Coaster (0:28)
Old Fashion Glass on Glass (0:49)
Pens on Wood – Pen Foley (0:10)
Pens on Wood – Pen Foley 2 (0:49)
Pens on Wood – Pen Foley 3 (0:12)
Pens on Wood – Pen Foley 4 (0:05)
Phone on Wood (0:23)
Plastic Bottle (0:21)
Plastic Bottle on Coaster (0:17)
Plastic Bottle on Wood (0:50)
Plastic Buttons (0:40)
Plastic Pill Bottle on Coaster (0:28)
Plastic Pill Bottle on Glass (0:41)
Plastic Pill Bottle on Wood (0:44)
Rubber Buttons (2:11)
Screw Lid Plastic Tablet Bottle (0:04)
Shot Glass on Coaster (0:32)
Shot Glass on Glass (0:38)
Shot Glass on Wood (0:59)
Small Glass on Coaster (0:41)
Small Glass on Glass (0:32)
Small Glass on Wood (0:55)
Small Glass Pour (0:01)
Soup Bowl On Coaster Empty (0:19)
Soup Bowl on Coaster Full (0:32)
Soup Bowl on Glass (0:24)
Soup Bowl on Glass 2 (0:23)
Switches (1:45)
Wallet on Wood (0:19)
Whiskey Bottle Full on Glass (0:30)
Whiskey Bottle half filled on Wood (1:12)
Whiskey Bottle on Wood (0:26)
Whiskey Glass on Wood (0:37)
Whiskey Glass Pour (0:04)
Wine Glass on Coaster (0:17)
Wine Glass on Glass (0:34)
Wine Glass on Wood (0:43)
Wine Glass Pour (0:04)


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