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Home Sound Effects Pagan: Nature Spirit Grooves & Textures

Pagan: Nature Spirit Grooves & Textures


Indian forest tribe percussion, rainforest sourced textures & more!

Licensor: : Rishhad Kothawala Categories: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .
Type: Forest sound effects / recordings
Specs: 67 sounds • 67 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 2.47 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 154 minutes total
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Pagan: Nature Spirit Grooves & Textures

Recorded in 96khz ultrasonic for maximum integrity during heavy sound manipulation, Pagan offers Indian forest tribe percussion, rainforest sourced textures, pads, soundscapes & critter fx for ethnic, psy and ambient genre productions and cinematic sound design.

Along with source recordings of swamps, streams, cicada & toad choirs for varied patterns & intensity of jungle calls.

Pagan: Nature Spirit Grooves & Textures (BigFish Audio)

Full sound effects list for Pagan: Nature Spirit Grooves & Textures:

The Island.wav
The Trench.wav
Predator Mode.wav
Probability Drive.wav
Space Odyssey.wav
Spin Control.wav
Surveilance Grid.wav
Ice Storm.wav
Night Vision.wav
Cosmic Reflection.wav
Dark Forest.wav
Docking Mechanisms.wav
AI Sweatshop.wav
Alien Terrain.wav
Astral Forest.wav
Bat Vision.wav
Binary Atmosphere.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 16.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 17.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 18.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 19.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 20.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 11.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 12.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 13.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 14.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 15.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 10.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 7.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 8.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 9.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 2.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 3.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 4.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 5.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 6.wav
Pagan drumming – Track 1.wav
Sunrise 2.wav
Swamp & Marsh.wav
Waterfall Dawn.wav
Stream Ambience.wav
Stream Ambience 5.wav
Stream Ambience 6.wav
Stream Dawn.wav
Stream Dawn 2.wav
Solitary Toad.wav
Stream Ambience 2.wav
Stream Ambience 3.wav
Stream Ambience 4.wav
Rain Intensity 1.wav
Rain Intensity 2.wav
Rain Intensity 3.wav
Rain Intensity 4.wav
Solitary Toad 2.wav
Forest Canopy.wav
Forest Choir.wav
Frog Community.wav
Nocturnal Communication.wav
Nocturnal Communication 2.wav
Cicada Community.wav
Cicada Community 2.wav


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Rishhad Kothawala is a television & film composer, sound designer recording unique captivating sounds for a signature touch to music production and cinematic sound design.