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Home Sound Effects ØMNI // the sound of the ARP OMNI

ØMNI // the sound of the ARP OMNI


ARP‘s best selling Instrument delivers classic Strings, fat Bass, & quirky Synths

The ARP OMNI is not just a synth, it’s more of a predecessor to modern day performance keyboards with its 3 distinct sound engines: Strings, Synth, and Bass. It’s string engine utilizes a divide-down tone generator that technically gives it unlimited polyphony. Its classic string sounds will be instantly recognizable to any fans of Joy Division, The Cars, or Kraftwerk. One might even say that the OMNI’s string engine played a big part in establishing the sound of New Wave. A “hollow” waveform mode gives the strings a more synth-like touch. In either mode, OMNI’s strings are lush and beautiful sounding, especially when combined with a long reverb or even a phaser (for that classic Jean Michel Jarre string sound).

The string section features Bass, Cello, Viola, and Violin registers.

Its synth is a simple single-oscillator design with a single envelope generator, a warm sounding ARP low-pass filter, and single LFO. This synth is capable of some quirky and musical sounds and serves as a great complement to the String and Bass engines. It doesn’t boast all that much low-end and its strength really sits in the middle register.

The bass engine is somewhat of a hidden gem as it pulls off a surprisingly convincing electric bass that’s both punchy and warm sounding and mixes well with the built-in synth. Sitting in the mix, this bass provides some serious low-end without being overly in-your-face. Both the 16′ and 8′ octaves can be mixed for an extra chunky octaver-style effect.

To get the cleanest possible tone out of this pristine ARP OMNI, I recorded it using a DIYRE FE2 DI Box with CineMag transformer, high-end Rheingold Music cables, and Antelope Audio converters. The instrument’s self noise has been reduced using subtle AI-assisted spectral de-noising to make sure these sounds will still sound very clean when being heavily processed. To allow for ideal sustain behavior, the string samples are looped within at least 3 full waveform cycles.

Pack contents

  • 29 multi-sampled patches in multiple formats (see below)
    • 5x bass
    • 3x mixed
    • 8x strings
    • 13x synth
  • 423 individual samples (24 bit / 44.1 kHz, 430 mb)

Included formats

  • .exs for Logic Pro Sampler (10.5+), Alchemy, exs24 (legacy), and DecentSampler (via import)
  • .nki for Kontakt 4.1 and later (requires full version, not compatible with Kontakt Player)
  • .adv for Ableton Sampler (Live 10 Suite and newer)
  • MPC 2 Expansion with Keygroup instruments, pre-programmed inserts, and patch previews.
  • .sfz SoundFonts for Ableton Sampler (Live 10 & earlier), UVI Falcon, Kontakt 5 & older, Sforzando, NN-XT, NN-19, Halion Sonic & others
  • Reason ReFill containing NN-XT sampler patches
  • .multisample for Bitwig Studio
  • .korgmultisample for KORG WaveState and ModWave


Licensor: : BØLT Categories: , .
Type: synth sound effects / recordings
Specs: 423 sounds • 452 files • 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz • 430 • Not metatagged
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Full sound effects list for ØMNI // the sound of the ARP OMNI:

BASS – basic 8 and 16
BASS – basic 8
BASS – basic 16
BASS – bass and strings
BASS – synth bass and cello
MIX – bright and hollow
MIX – hollow everything
MIX – hollow strings and sweep synth
STRINGS – cello
STRINGS – upright bass
STRINGS – viola hollow
STRINGS – viola
STRINGS – violin and viola hollow
STRINGS – violin and viola
STRINGS – violin hollow
STRINGS – violins
SYNTH – bow wow
SYNTH – latent saw
SYNTH – long sweep
SYNTH – mellow sploot
SYNTH – multi rezo
SYNTH – plop pluc
SYNTH – sharp wow
SYNTH – stabbystab
SYNTH – tappy
SYNTH – trombone brrap
SYNTH – warm pluck
SYNTH – wet pluck
SYNTH – wop


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Hi there! I’m Chris, aka. BØLT. I’ve been recording sounds of all kinds since I was 11 years old and my passion for all things audio has only gotten stronger since then.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been making waves in the music producer community with the dozens of sample libraries I created that have been downloaded over 10,000 times around the globe. Now expanding my focus towards sound design for linear and interactive media, I’m channeling nearly 20 years of recording experience into creating SFX libraries ranging from source to designed that will help you elevate your projects.

My playable libraries have become known for featuring an exhaustive array of sampler, DAW, and hardware patch formats alongside a very affordable price tag; Making these sounds accessible to large group of creatives.