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Home Sound Effects Oh Baby! Superpack

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Oh Baby! Superpack

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From newborns to toddlers, this sound effect library gets you 175 recordings of the cutest babies you will ever find, captured in 24bit/96khz. It features all-original recordings, and gets you sounds such as baby and toddler grunts, burps, whines, coughs, excited screams, giggles, gurgles, laughs, sneezes, babbling, talking, coos, breathing, hiccups, snoring, vocalizations, exclamations and much more.

Licensor: 2496 Sound Effects
Categories: , .
Type: Baby and toddler sound effects / recordings
Specs: 175 files • 175 sounds • 24bit/96khz • 2.58gb • Includes metadata
Approx. 82 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
Baby Infant Burping.wav
Baby Infant Constipated Grunting.wav
Baby Infant Constipated Moaning Groaning.wav
Baby Infant Cooing Annoyed.wav
Baby Infant Cough Short.wav
Baby Infant Coughing 2.wav
Baby Infant Coughing.wav
Baby Infant Crying Grumpy Tired.wav
Baby Infant Crying In Next Room Distant.wav
Baby Infant Crying Lonely Cranky.wav
Baby Infant Crying Next Room Upset.wav
Baby Infant Crying Pouting Whining.wav
Baby Infant Crying Pouting.wav
Baby Infant Crying Sleepy.wav
Baby Infant Crying Upset Whining.wav
Baby Infant Crying Upset.wav
Baby Infant Drinking Vocalization Gurgling.wav
Baby Infant Excited.wav
Baby Infant Fetal Monitor Heartbeats.wav
Baby Infant Fit Excited Upset.wav
Baby Infant Grunting Clearing Throat.wav
Baby Infant Grunting Pooping.wav
Baby Infant Hiccups.wav
Baby Infant Laughing Giggle.wav
Baby Infant Laughing Giggling 2.wav
Baby Infant Laughing Giggling.wav
Baby Infant Light Cry.wav
Baby Infant Short Cry Upset.wav
Baby Infant Sleeps Snores With a Cold Congested.wav
Baby Infant Sneeze.wav
Baby Infant Sneezing.wav
Baby Infant Snoring Congested Sleeping.wav
Baby Infant Squeal Happy Coo.wav
Baby Infant Talking Bored.wav
Baby Infant Talking Cooing Calm 2.wav
Baby Infant Talking Cooing Calm.wav
Baby Infant Talking Excited 1.wav
Baby Infant Talking Excited 2.wav
Baby Infant Talking Excited 3.wav
Baby Infant Talking Giggle Laugh.wav
Baby Infant Talking Happy.wav
Baby Infant Talking Impatient.wav
Baby Infant Talking Upset Impatient.wav
Baby Infant Talking Vocalizations Happy Then Cranky.wav
Baby Infant Upset Cranky Whining.wav
Baby Infant Upset Crying Cranky.wav
Baby Infant Upset Crying Whining.wav
Baby Infant Upset Whining Crying.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Crying Annoyed Upset 2.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Excited Playful.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Excited Playing.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Grunting Playing.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Pouting Annoyed.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Spiting Gurgling.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Squealing Happy.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Talking Cooing 2.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Talking Cooing Relaxed Dada.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Talking Cooing.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Talking Dada Grunting.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Talking Dada.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Talking Drinking.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Talking Excited 2.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Talking Excited copy.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Talking Excited.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Talking Grunting.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Talking Gurgling Moaning Grunting.wav
Baby Infant Vocalization Upset Crying Nana.wav
Baby Infant Vocalizations Anxious Whining.wav
Baby Infant Vocalizations Cooing.wav
Baby Infant Vocalizations Excited Squeals.wav
Baby Infant Vocalizations Happy Cooing.wav
Baby Infant Vocalizations Mom Talking.wav
Baby Infant Vocalizations Playing .wav
Baby Infant Vocalizations Squeal Happy.wav
Baby Infant Vocalizations Squeal.wav
Baby Infant Vocalizations Talk Playing Cooing.wav
Baby Infant Vocalizations Talking Agitated Infant.wav
Baby Infant Vocalizations Talking Dada Laughing.wav
Baby Infant Vocalizations Talking.wav
Baby Infant Vocalizations Whining Sleepy.wav
Baby Infant Whining Crying 2.wav
Baby Infant Whining Crying.wav
Baby newborn breathing fast.wav
Baby newborn breathing medium fast.wav
Baby newborn breathing resting.wav
Baby newborn burping and vocalizations 1.wav
Baby Newborn Burping And Vocalizations.wav
Baby Newborn Cooing Anxious.wav
Baby newborn cooing during feed.wav
Baby newborn coughing with cold 2.wav
Baby newborn coughing with cold.wav
Baby newborn crying angry 2.wav
Baby Newborn Crying Angry.wav
Baby newborn crying hungry.wav
Baby newborn crying slow build.wav
Baby newborn crying slow.wav
Baby newborn feeding bottle 1.wav
Baby Newborn Feeding on Bottle.wav
Baby newborn feeding with hiccups.wav
Baby newborn hiccups.wav
Baby newborn hicups.wav
Baby newborn sleeping and snoring 2.wav
Baby newborn sleeping and snoring.wav
Baby newborn snore congested.wav
Baby newborn vocalizations anxious.wav
Baby newborn vocalizations calm.wav
Baby newborn vocalizations frustrated.wav
Baby newborn vocalizations fussy.wav
Baby newborn vocalizations happy 2.wav
Baby newborn vocalizations happy.wav
Baby newborn vocalizations playing.wav
Baby newborn vocalizations sleepy.wav
Baby newborn vocalizations tired 2.wav
Baby newborn vocalizations tired.wav
Baby newborn vocalizations unhappy.wav
Baby Toddler Coughing 2.wav
Baby Toddler Coughing 3.wav
Baby Toddler Coughing 4.wav
Baby Toddler Coughing.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Ba Ba Da Da.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations BaBa Quack.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Crying Daddy.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Crying Sleepy Coughing Night Terror Very Upset.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Crying Sleepy Night Terror Very Upset.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Crying Whining Grumpy This.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Dada Playful.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Dada Eating Talking.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Dada.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Daddy!.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Eating.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Excited 1.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Excited 2.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Excited 3.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Excited 4.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Excited 5.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Excited 6.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Excited 7.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Excited Giggles Laughs.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Excited Laugh And Whine.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Excited Laughing And Talking.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Flutter Lips Bubble.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Grunt.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Laugh.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Moaning Mumble.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Mumble 2.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Mumble.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Singing 2.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Singing.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Sneeze.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Squeak And Squeals Laughs 2.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Squeak And Squeals Laughs 3.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Squeak And Squeals Laughs.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Squeaking And Chirping Happy.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Struggling or choking.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking 2.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking 3.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking 4.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking 5.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking Babies Kitty.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking Bye Bye Kitty.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking Dada Tata.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking Eating.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking Go Caca.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking Mmm Juice Cereal.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking Mumble.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking No.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking Oh No 2.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking Oh No.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking Squeaking And Chirping.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking Squeaking Excited.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking Uh Oh .wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking Vocalizations Dee.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Talking.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Upset.wav
Baby Toddler Vocalizations Whining Crying For Milk Daddy.wav


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2496 High Definition Sound Effects are designed for use in all creative media projects and mobile platforms. Recorded and mastered by Hollywood Sound Designer Lenny Jones. These original sounds have been used in many productions including the shows Ancient Aliens, Oak Island, Unsolved Mysteries, Kendra, Holly’s World, The Girl Next Door, Penn and Teller’s BS, Auction Packed, Food Paradise. Numerous theatrical advertising campaigns and other productions. All sound effects are recorded in .wav file standard and are compatible with all popular editing platforms such as ProTools, Final Cut Pro, Avid and many others.