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Home Sound Effects NXNW – Cascadia 2017

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NXNW – Cascadia 2017

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This library of environmental recordings is the culmination of three recording expeditions to the stunningly gorgeous Pacific Northwest. We visited a variety of locations ranging from urban Vancouver, Portland, and Seattle to the wild and untamed Olympic Peninsula. We captured dynamically disparate sounds such as a noisy Seattle shipyard and the quietest location in the continental US – deep within the primordial Hoh Rainforest. There are excellent crowd wallas, and contemplative mountain streams. From beaches to mountain tops to luxury high rises no environment was left un-recorded! This is what the Northwest sounds like!

In all, this library features 69 individual files totaling over three hours of runtime. Total un-zipped file size is over six gigabytes. All sounds have been edited to remove discernable dialog and unwanted noises. What’s left is pure, loop-able ambience suitable for no-fuss editing.

All sounds were captured on a Sound Devices 744T recorder. Microphones used include a Sanken CSS-5 stereo mic and a matched stereo pair of Sennheiser 8040s in ORTF configuration. All recordings are accompanied by a high quality photograph for reference and tagged with Pro Tools searchable metadata.

Bonus library included:

As a special incentive we will also include a bonus mini-library of ambiences from the Irish countryside that James recorded on a recent trip home! Highlights include some great mountain winds and a rare recording of a starling formation taking flight!

Recordist, Producer, Editor – Jason Strawley
Photography, Video – Andrew Garraway
Asst Producer – James Nolan

Thanks, and enjoy!

Licensor: Blackguard SMG
Categories: , .
Type: Nature sound effects / recordings
Specs: 69 files • 69+ sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 6+ GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 209 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
Video Thumbnail
Astoria OR Downtown Close Heavy Traffic Pulsing Industry (4:02)
Astoria OR Harbor Heavy Street and Waterway Traffic (2:46)
Astoria OR Wind Through Conifer Trees (5:28)
Bonneville Dam OR Generator Room Heavy Machinery (3:07)
Bonneville Dam OR Spillway Heavy Rushing Water Machinery (2:01)
Cannon Beach OR Waves Close Lapping Distant Surf Beachgoers (3:41)
Cannon Beach OR Wind Close Ocean Waves (3:19)
Cannon Beach OR Wind Distant Ocean Waves (5:31)
Eagle Creek OR Close Distance Rapids (4:27)
Eagle Creek OR Far Distance Rapids (1:39)
Eagle Creek OR Medium Distance Rapids (2:30)
Eagle Creek OR Water Fall Onto Rocks Close (1:46)
Everett WA Whale Boat Heavy Engine Light Waves (1:41)
Mt Hood OR Desolate Wind Light Birds (3:43)
Mt Hood OR Mountain Pass Highway Traffic Light Birds (2:00)
Mt Hood OR Mountain Pass Highway Trafic Light Birds B (3:35)
Mt Hood OR White River Off Axis Rapids Light Wind (2:56)
Mt Hood OR White River On Axis Rapids (1:53)
Olympic NP WA Hoh Rainforest Hoh River Birds Air (2:55)
Olympic NP WA Hoh Rainforest Mt Toms Creek Falls (3:00)
Olympic NP WA Hoh Rainforest Mt Toms Creek Water Lapping (2:36)
Olympic NP WA Hurricane Ridge Ski Area Bunny Slopes (1:43)
Olympic NP WA Hurricane Ridge Spring Melt Light Wind (1:40)
Portland OR Distant Highway Traffic Transportation Hub (5:10)
Portland OR Downtown Heavy Traffic Busy (2:58)
Portland OR Residential Neighborhood Early Morning Birds Traffic (4:16)
Portland OR Wooded Park Gentle Stream Birds (2:33)
Rattlesnake Lake WA Desolate Rain w Crows (2:14)
Rattlesnake Lake WA Rain on Leaves w Crows (1:24)
Rialto Beach WA Distant Stormy Surf Heavy Wind (4:46)
Rialto Beach WA Heavy Surf Close Splashes 180 (4:03)
Rialto Beach WA Heavy Surf Close Splashes On Axis (4:31)
Rialto Beach WA Hole in the Wall Extreme Wind (0:51)
Rialto Beach WA Stormy Surf Wind Through Trees (5:01)
Rowena Plateau OR Very Distant Highway Traffic (2:46)
Rowena Plateau OR Wind Very Distant Highway Traffic (1:58)
Seattle WA Ballard Locks Boat Through Locks (1:04)
Seattle WA Ballard Crosswalk and Intersection (1:46)
Seattle WA Ballard Park with Street Lecturer (1:04)
Seattle WA Ballard Salmon Ladder Close (1:10)
Seattle WA Ballard Salmon Ladder Distant (1:27)
Seattle WA Capitol Hill Urban Rooftop w AC Night (2:19)
Seattle WA Capitol Hill Urban Rooftop w Sirens and People Night (2:10)
Seattle WA Carkeek Park Beach Waves w Kids and Birds (2:19)
Seattle WA Distant Highway Traffic Wash (3:59)
Seattle WA Fremont Bus Interior Driving (3:06)
Seattle WA Fremont Busy Outdoor Bar Crowd Walla (1:40)
Seattle WA Fremont Shipyard Heavy Industry (5:05)
Seattle WA Fremont Troll Bridge Traffic Light Wind (1:54)
Seattle WA International District Bus Station EXT (1:50)
Seattle WA International District Busy Asian Market (1:27)
Seattle WA International District Heavy Highway Trafic (1:17)
Seattle WA International District Zen Garden Near Highway (0:57)
Seattle WA Kerry Park Urban Park Birds and People (2:17)
Seattle WA Pike Place Market Crowd Walla (1:16)
Seattle WA Pioneer Square Bus Stop w Automated Sign (2:03)
Seattle WA Pioneer Square Viaduct Heavy Traffic (2:00)
Seattle WA Seattle Center Playground LightWind (1:55)
Seattle WA UW Campus Busy Thoroughfare w Birds (1:27)
Seattle WA UW Quad Busy Crowd w Construction (3:29)
Snoqualmie Falls WA Observation Area Close Waterfall (1:11)
Snoqualmie Falls WA Observation Area Distant Waterfall (1:32)
Snoqualmie Pass WA Stream w Rain Distant Traffic (1:24)
Vancouver BC Hi Rise Balcony Park Day (4:33)
Vancouver BC Hi Rise Balcony Sirens Night (7:29)
WA State Ferry Aft Heavy Engine Wind Waves (2:10)
WA State Ferry Forward Lighter Engine Wind Waves (1:44)
WA State Ferry Interior Seating Area Heavy Engine Pulse (2:48)
WA State Ferry Starboard Heavy Engine Wind Waves (2:06)


Cavan Ireland Back Garden Night Wind Distant Traffic (5:30)
Cavan Ireland Starling Murmuration Forming Dogs (4:47)
Loch Ramor Central Ireland Lakeshore Night Heavy Wind (3:38)
Meath Ireland Country Road Evening Wind Birds (3:33)
Slieve na Calliagh Meath Ireland Mountainside Evening Heavy Wind (2:37)
Slieve na Calliagh Meath Ireland Mountaintop Evening Wind (2:25)
Slieve na Calliagh Meath Ireland Mountaintop Evening Wind Dogs (2:42)


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Blackguard SMG aims to provide creative professionals with high quality royalty-free media including SFX libraries and stock music. Everything we produce is made with the end user in mind with special attention paid to editing, variations, curation, and usability.

Blackguard SMG was founded by Andrew Garraway & Jason Strawley circa 2012 in Orlando, FL. After emigrating from his native Ireland (largely to take advantage of our country’s superior pizza topping offerings), James Nolan came on board as a SFX specialist in 2015. Combined, we have an extensive history of creative and technical output that we intend to leverage into quality results for you.

Thanks for stopping by!


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