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Home Sound Effects Nature’s Fury – Wind

Also available in the Nature's Fury Bundle

Nature’s Fury – Wind


Nature’s Fury: Wind contains a variety of wind ambiences including some pretty heavy winds!  There is wind in late-fall forests where you can hear branches hitting each other and leaves on the ground; high gusting winds roaring through trees and houses; whipping winds blowing through leafy trees and dry cattails; and even some interior perspective with wind whistling through a window seal.

Licensor: : Soundopolis Categories: , .
Type: Wind sound effects / recordings
Specs: 18 sounds • 18 files • 24 Bit / 48 kHz • 915 MB • Includes metadata
Approx. 52 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout


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Nature’s Fury has been sound designer David Fienup’s passion for over 5 years.  Over the past 5+ years, David has been obsessively recording thunderstorms, rain, and wind wherever he goes.  These sounds come from Ann Arbor, MI; Boyne City, MI; Detroit, MI; Chesterfield, MO; Virginia Beach, VA; and several other locations – often just pulling over on the side of the road somewhere…  Fienup’s tenacity with carrying around a stereo recording device, whether it be his Sony PCM D50, D100, or Sound Devices 702T, has paid off in huge ways.  He has risked his life and his gear to capture some of Nature’s most Furious moments!  In fact, his PCM D50 was knocked over so many times recording these sounds he had to buy a D100 to complete the library.  Fienup has always been awestruck by the very power of thunderstorms saying,


“Thunderstorms beat at your chest, your heart.  You can’t beat back a thunderstorm.  The sheer power of this natural phenomenon reminds us that we are a part of Nature, but we do not control Her.  Thunderstorms are so rich with sound: from the wind whipping through trees, to the rush of water pelting the ground, to the crack of lightning and the deep rumble of thunder; it’s one of the most complex natural sounds on our planet. Easily my favorite soundscape.”


Variety is very key to this library, as it is for all Soundopolis SFX collections.  The various locations and microphones used have contributed to a library that should cover you for whatever sound you’re looking for.


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Soundopolis, LLC is an American company based in Michigan.  David Fienup is the sole owner, sound designer, field recordist, sound-nerd, yadda, yadda.